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The Parent Show

What’s The Parent Show?

POSTED ON 04/12/11
In This Episode

The Parent Show is just that: a show for parents.

The PBS Parents crew has teamed up with Angela Santomero, executive producer of Super Why!, to develop this online series that explores ideas for raising healthy, happy kids and hopefully, makes us laugh along the way.

The show is designed to be shared, and used whenever you need it. So be sure to check out our archives, send episodes to friends and join Angela on Twitter where you can ask questions, suggest topics and be a part of the conversation.

Just remember these playground rules: The Parent Show is never bossy, doesn’t judge and occasionally lets the kids eat cereal for dinner. (Essential vitamins and minerals!)

We officially launch April 18th.  Talk soon!

The Parent Show with Angela Santomero

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    These are the good tips mention here for make the child active all time in some activities. But what the thing is that do not pressurised them for each and every activity. Allow them to do what they like and not what you like.

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  • Monique

    This sounds like fun. Im going to try this, this will be a great way to spend time with my girls!

  • Kcadiz9

    These tips really helps me to makesure my child stays active and healthy

  • Tiffanypta

    These are great tips! I plan on using them!

  • Tiffanypta

    These are great tips! I plan on using them!

  • nq7789

    my two year old loves to dance to yo gabba gabba and barney!

  • aimbridges

    Great tips and reminders!

  • Anne

    great ideas

  • Anonymous

    We love to read 15 of points which contain to help  “Cooking with Kids”. Cooking together can be a delicious learning with experience for kids and their parents. Here are very knowledge-full points for children and who cook the food. One thing also mentioned in 2nd point that we wash hands before start cooking. Trademarks

  • dany cooper

    I also run a blog similar to yours and
    here’s part of one of my recent posts…


    There is little on this earth that can
    teach you about yourself and the way your children view you as easily as
    cooking with your children. Of course, this is the perfect opportunity for many
    of us to let our hair down a little, relax, and have fun in the kitchen.
    Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, this is a difficult process to say
    the least.


    Check it out and let me know what you




    Dany Cooper

  • Ashley

    I never thought about some of these ideas until i read them. Thanks, this helps alot!!!

  • Stellmans_girl

    Great tips! My son loves to clean with me, so we are constantly on the move throughout the day. Up and down the stairs doing laundry. Sweeping, mopping, etc.

  • Suzi13

    Great ideas…thanks!

  • Carisa Marie05

    These are very interesting. And wonderful to do with your childeren. I want my whole family to be active and for all of us to eat healthy. I want to do things as a family so we can all stay in shape and eaa healthy

  • Brgaulke

    I think my girls will like this very much.

  • gonzlucy

    It is interesting how much a child enjoys the basic things in life. Example, something as easy as hide and seek is a whole imaginary world for them.. ;.)

  • Jennifer

    I enjoy learning new things and ideas to help my child to be more active then sitting around playing games or watching tv.

  • Amezquita_sara

    my son loves doing all these thing already. he is very eager to help mommy out with luandry and  other things around the house.he is alway a like ball of energy.we keep each other active.

  • 7-month-old’s Momma

    My baby is 7 months old and she loves to stand up (with me holding her hands) while watching “Cat in the Hat” and bounce with the theme song!  She also likes to walk around tables and things while holding on.  She’s a FAST crawler and loves to explore “hidden” areas like underneath the coffee table.  We put some of her toys in different hiding spots around the house so that exploring is safe and fun!

  • mommyof4

    Love all the ideas and advice! thank you! Will definitely try it out!..fingers crossed it will go well.

  • leah

    my daughter is 2 &1/2 and an hour after she “helped” me fold the laundry she said, “I need to fold laundry!”.  That lit me up inside.  I can’t wait to have a little helper around the house.  Cute!

  • Gabehoogenboom

    my son who is 4, does not like toys at all. never has. we do, thankfully, have a treadmill, and during these winter months, as he is so very hyper, i have found he loves to go on the treadmill, burn off his energy while getting good exercise! and we put fun music on too :)

  • MoreInfoDude

    I love this piece and would like to link to it to an article I wrote about Cooking with Kids. If you’re interested, please check out my article:


  • Granny_dee1

    There are some things in here that I didn’t think of, thank you.

  • Nicaelm

    We turn on the stereo several times a day and have time, my daughter loves showing us her new moves.

  • Lynndanicole

    We’re fortunate and have a park directly across the street. I enjoy taking our son and encourage myself to make it a habit even when “I don’t feel like it.”

  • Terry

    We try to choose the active choice for our lives – walk to pre-school rather than drive, get in the water and play at the beach, rather than just sunbathing, etc.

  • Tammy_tam21

    this is great information for raising our 15month old

  • Eva wehbe

    i cannot get my 22 month to stay put….its so funny but after i read the educational material i found a way to have him help clean, so in doing that it has helped me to keep a closer on him in not breaking things. luckily its a win-win situation for everyone 

  • Zachsmom0407

    Great info.

  • sbobet

    thanks for your list, some of them I never knew that before.

  • ibcbet

    Thank you very much for your hardwork. This is very useful.

  • MDSilks

    We had to buy my 22 month old son his own broom because when we sweep he would insist on taking the broom and sweep. So, we bought him his own special sized broom so that he can help. He gets so excited to be helping. 

  • Farath

    This is great and very useful.

    My kids they love these PBS characters, this is a fine place to get involve.

  • chester

    my son love to go outside and ply with his cars, trucks, and tractors. he tell me to come out and play with him and i do.

  • Furfe

    Great tips!

  • Amyschoffler

    love the ideas

  • Mendozabrigitte

    my husband and I recently celebrated the first year ymca has been in our community and we found out that they have an excellent family program for less than 50 a month for a family of 6. so while our four kids are enjoying the classes ymca has to offer we workout in a class right across from them whether it is zumba, cardio, or weights. I feel so much better knowing my kids r with me and I don’t have to pay outrageous prices for my family to b healthy.



  • Varsityplaya_24

    My Little boy just turned 1 and loves to sweep, doesn’t matter where he is could be kitchen or the carpet in the living room.

  • Gotoexpert

    My husband exercises at home instead of the gym and our 3 yr old son imitates him so he wants to do push ups, jumping jacks and sit ups every morning before he has breakfast.

  • Fsdjeffreyford

    very interesting topics

  • Carlss13

    my 2 1/2 year old loves to pick strawberries from our garden

  • Mich0779

    doing chores together is a great idea. i love the extra help and my kids feel involved. even my one year old likes to “help” do laundry with me!!

  • Mafunda84

    my son doesnt like to watch TV. he just wants to go outside and explore with his dad.

  • Sweetpea1033

    my son loves to help me wash the car!

  • Coupon Kait

    We definitely love the alphabet and license plate game. We’ll have to try some of the others!

  • Jennifer Kennedy

    Fun article with some fun ideas we’ll have to try for our next road trip!

  • Kristin

    Great tips. I can’t wait to hear the stories our kids come up with when we play “I wonder where that car is going” this summer. 

  • Shawnbard

    Great article!

  • Bridget

    Thanks for the great ideas. 

  • Christy

    Lots of great ideas here.  Thanks!

  • Dawn

    Great ideas! We have a couple of road trips planned this summer so these should help pass the time =o)

  • Jessica E

     Thanks Dawn!  Happy Trails!!

  • Jessica E

     Thanks–we tried this game on our last trip and it was a hit!

  • Jessica E

     Have a fun trip Jennifer!

  • Jessica E

     CK–you are like me–I had tried those two games, but we tried the others on a recent trip and they were a hit!

  • Jessica E

     You are welcome!

  • Anonymous

    Really excellent ideas – they’re fun but also can last a while, so the driving time less likely to become cranky time!

  • Lukenna1

    very nice job and great ideas

  • Krisrojas

    Great ideas! Thanks Jessica!

  • SO13

    Can’t wait to try “that’s not something we see everyday” and the other unique ideas.

  • Jartbauer

    Great suggestions!  I remember traveling to northern Michigan and playing the ABC game and to Florida playing the license plate game.  I will be sure to try out the “you don’t see that everyday” game!

  • Barb

    Wow! what creative ideas!! 

  • sarad

    Long trips in the car are such a challenge with young children. Thank you for the great ideas.

  • Mary Kuehn, MOPS mentor

    What a great collection of ideas…I copied to be sure.

    I count cars…red ones which we count together….blue…green…black…white…silver…and ORANGE…now that is a challenge!

    Also cound flags, particularly near a holiday. They take a side and count…I mediate.

    Look at changing trees…target an especially noteworthy one and watch it often…weekly in the fall… My grandson called this…”Our Changing Tree” when he told his mother…very special!

    Thank you! Mary Kuehn

  • Jessica E

     Mary, what great ideas!  I love the counting cars and flags ideas in particular.  I may have to use that for our next long car trip!

  • Jessica E

     I am all for avoiding cranky time!!

  • Karen Tolhurst

    Dear Jessica,
    I really enjoyed your article!  You have many wonderful, doable
    suggestions for traveling families.  Thanks.
    Karen T.

  • lizh

    I love the “Where is that car going” game and guessing what’s in the big rig. A great chance to talk about spatial concepts, hot/cold, liquid, etc. And if there’s a known logo on the truck (like General Mills) you could get even more specific about what products might be inside. Thank you for the springboard!

  • Karenbkirk

    Great article, Jessica. I am anxious to take a trip with our four grandaughters now that I have some great ideas …..thanks to you ! I especially liked the curiosity topics !

  • Karenbkirk

    Great article, Jessica. I am anxious to take a trip with our four grandaughters now that I have some great ideas …..thanks to you ! I especially liked the curiosity topics !

  • Jessica E

     Thank YOU Liz, for the great ideas about spatial concepts, hot/cold, etc.  I love when moms share and brainstorm!

  • Jessica E

     Thanks Karen!  I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  • Jessica E

    Happy Trails to you and your grand daughters!

  • Amowry

    All great tips. To find other great tips and follow a family dedicated to sharing recreational outdoor activities to help keep kids active check out the following blog.

  • Ciera Mcquay

    My daughter is 3 1/2 and loves to help around the house with chorse. She loves sweeping and folding clothes. After all her help we jump together on the trampoling.  She loves the out doors and so do I, it’s a great haveing kids involved in activities that we enjoy as well. Most commen out door activities which we do together are hiking and swimming.

  • firyal

    my daughter love dance with barney more than 3 time a day

  • jose mota

    very good ideas to make with the children

  • susan

    i teach preschool and wld like to give my parents on line resources for recipes they can make w/ their kids.

  • Michelle King Cohen

    wondering the same – it seems that step is for a different project, perhaps?

  • Danielle PBS Parents

    You are both absolutely right! That step is for a different project, our “rainbow mobile” craft.

    Thank you for pointing that out and keep on crafting :)

  • bibis

    yes,, i always try to involve my kids doing something on the table with me,, but the time that were eating ,,they feel proud eating their own food they cook.

  • said wiid

    very good ideas to make with the children …

    check out my articles in : thanks !! :)

  • Sara

    With limited access to playgrounds, it’s always a challenge keeping them active. Great tips. :)

  • Jessica Rachel Grams


  • Cooking with Ezra

    Check out Ezra just turned six, but he made his first cooking video (scrambled eggs) a month before he turned five! I’ve heard from parents that he’s inspired their kids to learn to cook.

  • Sam

    There are many of these ideas we will as a family make!!love it

  • jen

    for some awesome back to school dinner ideas for moms

  • Angelcris Emnace Sadili

    You have a long instructions. It would be better for the reader to make it short.

  • Lunch Hour

    This is such a important issue! Getting children involved in cooking gives them a chance to see where their food comes from! We just finished a film on the American school lunch program, please visit to see it in your town. It will make you cringe.

  • ehmer2


  • sonia

    Seems like fun have two little boys. Going for a joy ride.

  • sand

    Bigoted, much? I am a “fundie evangelical” and I also have multiple science related degrees. After 27 years of education, including post doctoral, and fellowship, etc etc, all in the biomedical sciences, I can say that it matters not one bit to me what people believe about prehistory, geology, or evolution. Most scientists that I know don’t use those ideas in their daily work. I can also say that your “god’s punishment for gays” slur is not worth contradicting. Because it is difficult to have a rational conversation with a bigot. Sorry your mind is closed so very tightly.

  • Ellie

    This great kickstarter for the uniquely designed KidCup makes cooking with kids educational and easy!

  • c. harris

    good ideas

  • Zephod Beeblebrox

    Very sorry this happened to your child – but the child that did this could have been public schooled as well – many of my secular friends homeschool becasue of the bullies and physical abuse their children endured in public school. This is one child who happened to be homeschooled – she did not do what she did because of the homeschooling.

  • Zephod Beeblebrox

    Maybe they are being homeschooled because they have social issues? That is one of the many reasons we homeschool….

  • Zephod Beeblebrox

    Where is your research Erik? If you had bothered you would know almost half of all home schollers are secular homeschooling thier G/T special needs kids due to inadequate schools in affordable neighborhoods. Instead of antidotal, misinformed media based opinions you might want to use that scietific method and actually get to know the subject you post about. My 7 y/o is now more deeply involved in science (via robotics club, quantum mechanics,cosmology meet group, gardening/weather watch) than he ever could be in a
    traditional school setting – especially for his age.

  • Zephod Beeblebrox

    Same here – just because the books are secular doesn’t mean
    the people presenting are…not all religious folks interject their beliefs,
    but from k – 1st grade we spent so much time correcting negative fed back our
    son was getting because his teachers did not understand scientific method or
    had a decent background in science – it was healthier to pull him out. Holidays were hilarious – the whole Santa/easter bunny thing was very hard for him.

  • Heather Grady

    it says equal amounts in the first paragraph

  • Yvonne Greene

    I would extend the lesson and teach them that trash such as plastic bags finds itself into our waterways as pollution where it can entangle wildlife (if that’s all then they’re lucky but more than like will die from it) or they can mistake it for food whereas they die from starvation or suffocation. (Lots of photos on Texas Parks and Wildlife site of this very problem). Then I would extend it even further buy teaching them the importance of the environment, picking up trash and using (or making) reusable grocery bags to combat this very problem.

  • Donald

    Tried this at back to school night with my students. I ended up having to use a glue to starch ratio of about 1.75:1, not quite equal parts, but also not quite twice as much glue. Worked out great.

  • Alexis Jade

    You can make silly putty with Alka seltzer
    Add some glue and dissolve the tablet with water

  • Prielle

    Thanks so much Alexis!!! It works!

  • Brandi

    To all the people saying “I don’t have these things” either go buy them or don’t do the project. Seems simple enough. The items are easily accessible at most grocery stores. It’s not like you have to order them from a lab.

  • salty

    Home school is the original school. All public school is, is a place to deal with harassment, bullying, drugs, and to be baby sat. The only people that get more out of it are adults who sell the government materials and parents who would be horrible teachers. Sad fact is due to the requirement for two incomes (which is a product of public schools) parents can not really be dedicated to the family. They have to send their kids to the system in order to provide.

  • Guest

    Great site to get kids moving – these are 30 minute videos that get the kids exercising!

  • Mary Hbic Ramage

    I know this recipe says to make bouncy balls but it actually makes better silly putty

  • Mary Hbic Ramage

    I know this says to make bouncy balls but it makes better silly putty.

  • Brad

    Making it right now… talk to me in 3 days.

  • Armstrongw

    I would recommend a free educational game for young children (3-7 age) – Trip to Zoo for kids

    This application presents various animals in a zoo. The game introduces various animals to the child (e.g. elephants, turtles, birds, dolphins and many others). The child learns what the animals eat, and how to fix a broken fence or vehicle. This knowledge is acquired by performing actions in the right order, such as unscrewing a vehicle wheel or washing and feeding animals.

  • Anonymous

    Case in point: I acted in plays, played soccer, baseball, golf, practiced Tae Kwon Do, attended extra curricular classes/camps, etc… And I went to public school where I got additional exposure to different groups of people and participated in groups I didn’t get to choose.

    My point is not that home schooled kids don’t get exposure to these things, it is simply that they get less of it by nature of removing the public school piece (which, for me, was a major portion)

  • Nathaniel Witmer

    @JonHoffman your original claim was “What you miss out on are situations where you have to be around a large group of people you don’t choose—people who may be very different from you—and still be productive.” Now you’re saying that public school just provides additional exposure to these situations. My daughter and most homeschooled kids get plenty of exposure to these situations, enough that she knows how to deal with them very well. No need to sit in an institution for the majority of her waking hours for 3/4 of the year during her whole childhood just for some extra exposure to situations where she needs to work with people that are different than her or that she doesn’t like. Try to understand that being homeschooled doesn’t mean just an absence of the experiences that institutionally taught children have, but rather a different set of experiences. And typically a more robust and diverse set of experiences that better prepare the children for real life and that are more enjoyable as well.

  • Avi

    But its so much more fun to make it by hand! I remember doing it as a kids and it was a great activity for a large group to do (outside)!

  • Cloe

    Sounds like fun!

  • hoe

    thats just really dumb. its more fun to make it yourself. ‘just sayin…”

  • edith robison

    i dont have this stuff

  • Anonymous

    not really. I tried that, using corn starch. it did not work

  • jj

    if i dont have wet glue can i melt a glue stick and use that

  • Person

    What can you use other than those two things?

  • Person

    no one said that

  • Person

    maybe you need to put less glue

  • Person

    The reason people like it this way is, one, for fun, and two, because they’re bored and looking for a fun DIY project.

  • Leslie Egan

    Tried it and 1 to 1 ratio was too much starch. I’d try 2 to 1 glue to starch as a starting point and add one or the other as needed. Also putting on paper towel wastes a fair amount of putty. I used waxed paper and that worked well

  • Stella

    Really? 8 fluid oz can also be measured by a measuring cup for liquids. Which does measure it by volume. But don’t say that it’s not measured by cups, 95% of all recipes in America are written with dry & liquid ingredients by cup. Ronald, you sound like some geek who has never stepped foot into a kitchen.

  • Grayson

    People did say that. And if I’m correct, most people in the U.K. don’t have access to liquid starch

  • gurl

    i saw dannys scar and now we fuk everday becasue its soooooooooooooooooooooo big

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  • danny

    umujumumuumumumummum oh keep pressing my buttons gurl oihhhhhhhhhhh it feels so good

  • danny

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuk me fuk me

  • Jade

    Contact lense solution and baking soda :)

  • Jessica

    My daughters and I used liquid pure for your clothes! Works great.. U can get liquid starch at Walmart! By pure does just as good! Don’t use borax. Its very harmful to your health and the kids!!

  • L Lue

    True. We can buy prepared food too, but does that teach us to feed ourselves well? Isn’t it worth recognizing that we can affect chemical changes? The ‘benefit cost of these kinds of activities is definitely worthwhile in my humble opinion.

  • Nikki Walker

    Borax isn’t harmful to kids over 8 years old. They should be mature enough not to eat it. But it doesn’t effect your skin at all unless you have allergies to it.

  • Brinda Moen

    Solution has Borax in the ingredients. That’s why it works

  • Meena Mishra

    Cooking is a fun creative activity for kids if taught properly. It enhances imagination and improves nourishing factor. Similar article can be read on

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