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Thomas & Friends

Dockside Delivery Game

Practice being Really Useful in this fun relay-delivery game!

t15Brendam Docks sees lots of activity each day, with cargo coming to the island and Cranky the Crane overseeing its delivery onto the cargo cars. Your children can be Really Useful Engines in a fun relay-delivery game – good for inside or out!

Time: 20-30 minutes

Number of players: 4+


  • Index cards
  • Sharpie marker
  • (4) Medium-sized cardboard boxes
  • (2) Tennis balls
  • (2) Bananas
  • (2) Feathers
  • (2) 12” ribbons
  • (4) Engines or other toys
  • Anything else you want! (2 of each item)


  1. The goal of the game is to have two teams compete against each other by delivering each box of cargo – one item at a time – to a set location using methods other than their hands.
  2. Determine a starting location for your home version of Brendham Docks. Set up two cardboard boxes filled with cargo. Each box should have the same cargo.
    • Cargo can include, but should not be limited to: tennis balls, feathers, bananas, engines, ribbon, etc.
  3. Set up a delivery point for the cargo across the room (if indoors), or 25 yards away (if outdoors), and place the other two empty boxes there.
  4. Using the sharpie marker, make two sets of index cards with Cargo Carrying Instructions. For example, draw a tennis ball, plus two heads. That means that two team members must deliver the tennis ball to the opposite box by balancing the ball using only their heads (e.g., between their ears or foreheads).
    • Other instructions could include a picture of the ribbon and a foot; a banana and an armpit; a feather and two hips; or two Thomas trains and a set of toes.
    • When there are two body parts drawn, the item must be co-carried by two team members, otherwise the job is for one child alone.
  5. The child at the front of the line on each team picks up a card, turns it over and reads the picture-instructions. If called for on the card, she picks a team member to carry out the two-person instructions. After successfully delivering the cargo, she must return. Only when she is back in line can the second engineer turn over his instructions and begin his delivery.
  6. The game can continue for as long as there are items to deliver!
  7. The winning team is the group that clears out Brendham Docks first!

Peep Peep!

Talk About It

Discuss the kinds of deliveries Thomas and the other engines make on Sodor. This is one of the many jobs the engines do. Can the group list other jobs on Sodor (e.g., delivering the mail)? Why are jobs so important to the engines? When a job is successfully completed, how does it make Thomas feel? (Like a Really Useful Engine.) When the children complete a job, how do they feel? Make a list of the jobs the children like the most/least (e.g., walking the dog; clearing dishes off the table). Then list jobs they hope to do when they are older. (e.g., babysitting). How are they different?

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