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Thomas & Friends

Island of Adventure Map

Turn your home into your very own Island of Sodor.

t3Main lines and branch lines, Steamworks, docks, sheds and more! There are so many fun destinations around the Island of Sodor! Turn your home into your very own Island of Adventure. Let your aspiring engineer create a map and send his engines on some local journeys!

Time: 30-45 minutes


    • (1) Piece of white poster board
    • Pencil, eraser
    • Markers / paints with brushes
    • Camera
    • Glue stick
    • Scissors


    1. Go on an adventure in your home! Starting in your kitchen, invite your child to take pictures of favorite objects around the home, such as the refrigerator, stove, bed or toy box.
    2. Print out the pictures (regular printer paper works fine).
      • TIP: If you prefer, draw the objects instead or cut out images of them from magazines.
    3. Using the pencil, help your child draw a map of your home on the poster board (don’t worry about scale).
    4. Cut out the pictures and glue them to the poster board, approximating their distance from each other.
    5. Ask your child to draw “tracks” approximately 1” wide connecting each object.
    6. When the photos are glued down and the tracks are drawn in, use the markers or paints to decorate the rest of the poster board with trees, people or images of other items from your home – anything you wish!
    7. When your map is complete, send your engines (wooden, die cast or other) on an adventure around your home Island of Sodor!

Take It Further

With one map under your engineer’s cap, you can try to make another one of the block you live on. Take a spin around your neighborhood and visit favorite locations, like the playground, toy store or grocery store. How would those be represented on a map? Let your budding map maker give it a try! Go Go Go with Thomas!

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