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Thomas & Friends

Season 10

1001: Look & Listen

The Lost Puff

Sir Topham Hatt warns the engines to be careful going over some broken track. But Paxton the diesel engine doesn’t listen to instructions and thinks it is fun when he wobbles over the bumpy track. He persuades Thomas to try it, but Thomas accidentally backs into Toby at the water tower and gets his firebox wet. Poor Thomas must wait for his firebox to dry out. When Paxton overhears Toby saying that Thomas has lost his puff, Paxton misunderstands and heads off across the Island of Sodor to look for it. Victor explains the misunderstanding to Paxton and the diesel engine understands that to be a Really Useful engine, one must listen carefully and always follow directions!

Learning Goals: Listening carefully; following directions; understanding there are consequences to one’s actions

Steamie Stafford

Stafford the electric engine is upset when he overhears some children saying he is too quiet and not a “proper engine” (he doesn’t run on coal and water like the steamies, but rather, runs on a battery which makes him very quiet). He asks Thomas and Percy to teach him how to chuff and puff and whoosh and has fun pretending to do what the steam engines do. When Stafford is sent to help Farmer McColl pick up some lambs, his new steam engine sounds scare the animals away. Stafford soon realizes that being a quiet engine can be Really Useful too, and the most important thing is to always be you!

Learning Goals: Appreciating differences; recognizing and utilizing individuals’ strengths and skills

1002: Fire & Water

Too Many Fire Engines

When a team of railway inspectors come to the Island of Sodor, they question whether Sir Topham Hatt needs two fire engines. This causes concern for Sodor’s fire fighting team, Flynn and Belle. When Belle beats Flynn to two fires in a row, Flynn really starts to wonder if he is a Really Useful engine or not. He tells Belle to take his place on guard at the Ulfstead Castle Fireworks display and sulks in his shed. But when another fire starts on the same night, Flynn races to put it out, proving Sir Topham Hatt really does need two fire engines after all.

Learning Goals: Making meaningful contributions; demonstrating responsibility

Gordon Runs Dry

Gordon is a proud engine who believes he is the fastest and the best. But when a stone from one of Paxton’s trucks bounces off his boiler, Gordon doesn’t want to wait to be checked over and hurries on his way, only to find that he has to keep stopping again and again to take on more water. When Gordon finally runs completely out of water leaving his passengers stranded, he realizes that his boiler was damaged by the stone and has been leaking – “Oh the indignity!”. Gordon must rely on Thomas, Percy and Paxton to shunt him to the Steamworks for repair and help his passengers reach their destination. Gordon learns to see the “dignity” in teamwork!

Learning Goals: Teamwork; accepting and appreciating help; understanding there are consequences to one’s actions

1003: Just Be Yourself

Scruff’s Makeover

Scruff works with Whiff at the Waste Dump collecting rubbish trucks. When Sir Topham Hatt sees how rusty and dirty Scruff looks, he insists that he goes straight to the Steamworks to be repainted. Soon the other engines are telling Scruff how smart he looks, so he decides he doesn’t want to work at the dirty Waste Dump anymore and asks Percy, Thomas and Gordon if he can do their jobs instead. Eventually Scruff realizes that the only way to be Really Useful is to do his own job at the Waste Dump, even if it means getting really dirty.

Learning Goals: Making meaningful contributions; demonstrating responsibility; flexible thinking

Wayward Winston

Winston, Sir Topham Hatt’s track inspection vehicle, is frustrated that Sir Topham Hatt is not a very good driver. What’s more, Winston feels embarrassed when the other engines laugh at him jerking and sputtering along the tracks. One day, when Sir Topham Hatt leaves his handbrake off, Winston starts to roll forward on his own and is soon racing down the tracks without a driver. Sir Topham Hatt jumps into Thomas’ cab and they chase after Winston. At first Winston thinks driving on his own is exciting, but soon becomes frightened when he realizes he can’t stop! Thomas and Sir Topham catch up with Winston as he runs of out gas, nearly missing a disaster. Sir Topham Hatt is very cross, until he realizes it’s his own fault for leaving Winston’s handbrake off.

Learning Goals: Consequences to actions; coping with failure; apologizing

1004: Someone To Look Up To

Kevin’s Cranky Friend

Cranky the crane is very busy down at Brendam Docks. He struggles to keep on schedule, so Sir Topham Hatt sends Kevin from the Steamworks to help him. The only problem is that Cranky doesn’t want any help. Kevin is very disappointed and he tries to please Cranky by working hard and picking up things Cranky has dropped. Soon there is trouble when Kevin falls off the docks into the water. But it’s Cranky who rescues him; Kevin realizes that Cranky does like him after all and Cranky admits that he appreciates Kevin’s help.

Learning Goals: Helping others; accepting help; being a good friend

Henry’s Hero

Henry and Hiro are both very strong engines, but one day as they are working together, they both start to billow dark smoke from their funnels. Duck tells them they have taken on some of the bad coal that was delivered early that morning. Henry is worried that the bad coal will damage his firebox if he continues working, so he decides to head back to his shed. Hiro wants to keep on puffing and delivers their heavy load on his own, showing the coal was ok. When Henry realizes Hiro can keep on puffing, he decides that he should be able to do that too!

Learning Goals: Demonstrating responsibility; flexible thinking

1005: Peace & Quiet

Calm Down, Caitlin

Caitlin is a big, fast passenger engine from the mainland. When the Vicarstown Bridge is closed for repairs Caitlin can’t get back and has to spend the night on the Island of Sodor. She is thrilled to sleep over at Tidmouth Sheds, but keeps waking the other engines up in her excitement. In order to keep her happy – and to let them sleep – Percy, Gordon and Henry let her take over their overnight jobs. Caitlin enthusiastically completes the jobs, racing around and waking everyone throughout the entire Island of Sodor! In the morning, Sir Topham Hatt is cross and reminds her to follow instructions. Caitlin apologizes but is so tired that she falls asleep on her way home and is the one who needs to be awakened!

Learning Goals: Being a good friend; making new friends; perspective taking; listening carefully

Luke’s New Friend

Luke is the smallest narrow gauge engine on the island of Sodor. One day, up at the Blue Mountain Quarry he finds a nervous and scared young deer. The other narrow gauge engines warn Luke that the quarry is no place for an animal, but Luke remembers feeling scared himself when he first arrived at the Quarry. Luke wants to help the young deer and tries to get the other engines to work quietly. After several accidents the other engines convince Luke that the best place for the deer is in the grounds of Ulfstead Castle.

Learning Goals: Perspective taking; helping others; making new friends; flexible thinking; applying one’s best effort; demonstrating responsibility

1006: Taking Turns

The Thomas Way

When Harold the helicopter breaks down near Callan Castle, Duck and Thomas are sent to take him to the Sodor Search and Rescue for repair. Thomas wants to give Harold a tour of the island along the way and show him the sights from an engine’s perspective, but Duck insists that there are only two ways to do things: the Great Western Way and the wrong way. Thomas and Duck have to learn to work together to help Harold.

Learning Goals: Teamwork; Flexible thinking; accepting help; appreciating differences; cooperation

The Switch

When Luke is sent to Ulfstead Castle to deliver stone he meets Millie, the Earl’s private narrow gauge engine. The two engines compare jobs, boasting how much they like their own work and so the Earl agrees to let them switch jobs for the day. Luke stays at the estate pulling passengers around the castle grounds and Millie goes to work at the noisy Blue Mountain Quarry. By the end of the day both engines are firm friends, but agree they like their own jobs better.

Learning Goals: Making new friends; perspective taking

1007: Spooky Charms

The Phantom Express

One night James tries to scare Percy by telling him that there’s a ghost at Ulfstead Castle. Stephen reassures Percy that there is no such thing as ghosts, but James sneaks up to the castle to try to scare both of them. Percy and Stephen each end up falling into the moat, but James doesn’t know where they are and when he hears them whistling, he ends up believing his own story and scaring himself!

Learning Goals: Being a good friend; understanding there are consequences to one’s actions; forgiving others

Percy’s Lucky Day

After a couple of mishaps involving a torn sack of mail and some cargo on the line, Percy begins to feel like he has too much bad luck. Stephen lends Percy a lucky charm which helps him regain his confidence. But when Percy realizes that he lost the charm, he has to find the confidence within to help pull Bill and Ben back onto the rails.

Learning Goals: Coping with failure; helping others; making meaningful contributions; applying one’s best effort

1008: Tricks and Tales

Bill or Ben?

Connor is a new engine on The island of Sodor. When Bill and Ben meet him for the first time they decide to play a trick on him, pretending to be super fast when it’s really Bill at the start of the race and his identical twin Ben at the other. When Connor tries to race them again he nearly has an accident. Sir Topham Hatt is cross and sends Bill to be repainted so that everyone can tell them apart, but Bill and Ben still have one last trick up their funnels!

Learning Goals: Making new friends; forgiving others

Not Now, Charlie

Charlie, the small purple engine, is well known for his joke-telling. One day Charlie discovers an elephant blocking the tracks and tries to alert the other engines, but they all think he is joking. Finally Charlie alerts the Sodor Search and Rescue Center and Harold takes him seriously. With Harold’s help, Charlie finally recovers the elephant and returns it to the Sodor Animal Park. Charlie soon proves that he’s not always just the joker; he is in fact a Really Useful Engine!

Learning Goals: Making meaningful contributions; helping others; coping with failure; flexible thinking

1009: Snow Stops Play

No Snow For Thomas

It is a snowy day, but Thomas doesn’t want to wear his snow plow. So he decides to hide it on a siding and pretends he doesn’t know where it is. Sir Topham Hatt has no choice but to leave Thomas in his shed and send Emily out to clear the tracks instead. But when Thomas sees Emily having fun in the snow and taking Annie and Clarabel for a ride, leaving Thomas alone in the sheds, he feels like he’s missing out. Eager to join the fun Thomas goes in search of his snow plow, but the snow has covered everything and Thomas soon becomes stuck in the thick snowfall. Emily uncovers his plow and rescues Thomas. Sir Topham Hatt is cross that Thomas hid his plow and makes Thomas clear the snow for Emily the next day!

Learning Goals: Perspective taking; understanding there are consequences to one’s actions; following rules

Frozen Turntable

One cold evening the steam engines return to Tidmouth Sheds and discover the turntable is frozen stuck, so the engines cannot reach their individual berths. Gordon thinks he should have the one accessible berth, but Thomas insists they need to save it for Percy, who is out on the mail run. All the engines find other places to stay for the night, but none of them are good enough for Gordon who decides to take Percy’s berth. But soon the tables are turned when it is Gordon who becomes stuck and he is unable to pull the express. His favorite job is given to James, and Gordon realizes that that his selfishness made him a Really Un-Useful Engine.

Learning Goals: Perspective taking; understanding there are consequences to one’s actions; being a good friend

1010: Tinsel & Trains

The Missing Christmas Decorations

No one knows who keeps taking the Steamies’ Christmas decorations from Tidmouth Sheds! Percy discovers Diesel 10 stealing the supplies and chases him back to the Dieselworks, where he also discovers poor forgotten Sidney hanging from the ceiling waiting for new wheels. Percy surprises the other engines by giving Sidney a special Christmas present and teaches everyone about the generous spirit of Christmas.

Learning Goals: Being a good friend.

Santa’s Little Engine

Thomas is sent to bring a real sleigh for Sir Topham Hatt to use when he plays Santa at the Ulfstead Castle Christmas Fair. When the sleigh accidently slips down the hill, Thomas must rescue the sleigh with Sir Topham Hatt in it! When fallen branches encircle his funnel, Thomas looks like a proper reindeer!

Learning Goals: Helping others; making meaningful contributions; demonstrating responsibility

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