Celebrating Your Loved One


Being the Best Me

“I have figured out a way for people to learn about my dad... It’s by being the best me I can be. I try to make choices that my dad would be proud of, to help others when I can, and give people something to smile about! I like to think that when people look at me and all the things I’ve done, they see my dad, too!” Vanessa Gabrielson Volunteer, Leader, Facilitator, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

girl with locketBe assured that the memory of your loved one can live on in the hearts of your family. You can celebrate your loved one by creating and continuing traditions to help keep the memories alive. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep celebrating your loved one’s birthday.
  • Eat a favorite meal, light a candle, or look through family photos together.
  • If religious traditions are part of your family’s life, include these in your memory celebrations.
  • Carry in your pocket a small seashell or stone from a place you liked to visit together.
  • Volunteer or find simple ways of helping others — in memory of your loved one.

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