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Wild Kratts

About the PBS KIDS Site

The Wild Kratts website for kids is an interactive experience where children can learn more about animals, science, and the natural world. The site invites users to become part of the Wild Kratts team, by building their very own character!  They can fly the Tortuga HQ around the world on creature adventures, learning about animals and playing games. By mastering science ideas and accumulating knowledge about the creature world, the user can collect Creature Powers for their very own Creature Power Suit, which will help them on their continued explorations of the site. Continue.



In “Your Room” kids can build their character with a creature power suit, and get started collecting Creature Powers. All Creature Powers are kept here, as well as an Adventure Journal of the photo rewards collected while exploring the habitats. Continue.



“Creature Roundup” Game
The Wild Kratts team, having rescued several animals from Zach Varmitech, are on their way to bring them home, when they realized they’ve somehow lost their precious cargo along the way! Children must help them recover the lost animals so they can be returned safely to their rightful homes. Playing five mini-math-games will set the animals free. Continue.


“Web-tastic!” Game
Spiders create two different kinds of webbing. One is for them to walk along and the other is a sticky substance for catching their prey.  In this game, children must use their web-spinning powers to find and “draw” lines of symmetry through a series of different web shapes. They must watch out for the sticky webs that slows them down as they race to complete the shapes against the clock. Continue.


“Flower Flier” Game
The Hummingbird Power suits need nectar to keep them flying. In this game, players must help Martin fly all the way back to the Tortuga HQ by sipping just the right amount of nectar to get from flower to flower. If Martin needs 3/8 of a tank to get to the next flower, they must fill his tank to the right level, then send him on his way. Continue.


“Croc Hatch!” Game
Amazingly, crocodile eggs hatch as boy crocodiles or girl crocodiles based on the temperature of the eggs in the nest! Players must keep the eggs at the correct temperature by digging up dirt or adding more depending on if they are girl or boy crocs. But they must watch out for predators who threaten to invade the croc nests. Continue.


“Aadvark Town!” Game
Aadvarks are the underground home builders for many creatures of the African savannah. Different animals have a preference of what kind of habitat they like to live in. Using grid coordinates, children must help Aviva find the correct homes for each animal using Aadvark digging powers! Continue.


“Frogfish Feast” Game
Frogfish have the quickest strike in the creature world – at .4 milliseconds! It’s a gulp strike used to catch fish in their giant mouths. As the timer counts down, the player must target the specific type of robot fish indicated to collect points, while avoiding the real fish and pufferfish that can get in the way. At the end of each level, all the fish caught in the level’s round must be sorted into the appropriate tanks, according to their number. Children will help RocketJaw, the Wild Kratts frogfish pal, stop Zach’s fleets of robot fish from destroying the reef! Continue.



The Wild Kratts Creaturepedia is a database of creature information gathered by the Wild Kratts team over years of exploration and adventure. Continue.



Kids can earn “creature powers” for creature suits by playing the educational and informative “Creature Power Games.” In each game, the player is placed in the role of a different animal, learning about animal abilities, behaviors and science from the animal’s perspective.


“Slither Run” Game
Using your webcam or your keyboard you can play the part of Martin in his rattlesnake creature power suit. Slither your way through underground tunnels, avoiding predators and catching prey to win your own rattlesnake creature power suit. You can wear your new suit in the SONORAN DESERT HABITAT. Continue.


“Going Batty!” Game
In this game, children will use their webcam to learn the behavior of a bat! They must flap their wings to fly like a bat and get up and out of the roost. Bats need sleep too. The player must use their hands to rest up for a long nap and gain energy, then catch all the mosquitos they can. Continue.


“Dolphin Dive!” Game
Dolphins communicate with one another using their unique language of clicks and whistles. Using different combinations of keyboard taps, the player must match patterns of dolphin clicks to help the dolphins avoid obstacles and find yummy fish to keep their energy strong. Continue.


“Go Nuts” Game
In this game, players become a squirrel collecting and burying as many acorns as possible before the blue jays get them. The game teaches about a critical natural interrelationship between plants and animals – by burying the acorns, the squirrels and bluejays actually plant new oak tree letting the forest thrive. Continue.


“Ride on Remora” Game
The remora’s ability to attach to a host allows the fish to travel safely through the ocean and even get leftovers of the large animals meals. Continue.


“Go Cheetah Go” Game
Build a Cheetah Racer vehicle by manipulating some of the very same kinds of features that make the cheetah the fastest running animal alive. Continue.


“Firefly Flash” Game
In this memory game, players use flash codes to attract other fireflies to them, just like these amazing insects do! Continue.


“Caracal Leap” Game
Play like a caracal and catch guinea fowl right out of the sky using your webcam or mouse. Continue.


“Draco Glide” Game
Draco lizards move through the rainforest by gliding from tree to tree. In this game, players learn the physics of gliding, draco-style! Continue.


“Kickboxing Kangaroo” Game
In this game, learn about social systems in animals and how a ritualized behavior can help keep a group animal like the kangaroo together. Continue.



The site offers six different habitats around the world where users can explore, find various animals that live there, and learn more about them. Players can also use the Creature Powers that they’ve earned to access hard-to-reach areas of the habitats, like the treetops, high cliffs, or the deep ocean. Players must use analytical skills, logic, and their knowledge of animal abilities in order to navigate some of these areas.

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Wild Kratts is a Kratt Brothers Company / 9 Story Entertainment production. © 2010-2018 1757712 Ontario Inc.

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