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About the Website

On Wilson and Ditch's website, you'll find everything related to the gopher brother's travels! You can watch all of the episodes, read Wilson's blog and Ditch's unique comic strip, listen and download podcasts and track the brothers on the big map. You can also play a geography matching game, and "picture yourself" with Wilson & Ditch!

Site Tour


Visit all of the big cities where the gopher brothers have traveled! Watch video, read Wilson's Blog (full of amazing facts and history of each location) and check out Ditch's Comics to learn all kinds of cool information about each place. Use the sign post to navigate to all the different cities.


Wilson’s Blog

In his blog, Wilson tells all about his adventures in each city. He'll tell you about the sites that he and his brother Ditch visited, the food they ate, the silly things they did while they were there, and cool facts abut each place! In each of the major destinations, you'll also find Apple Pie Picks, Local Chow and Digging History. The Apple Pie Picks are unique locations in each city that you should be sure to check out if you have the opportunity, or learn more by visiting the websites for each pick. Local Chow gives more fun information on the food of each city. And Digging History gives a timeline of some important points in time for each location.


Ditch’s Comics

Ditch draws comic strips of the places he and Wilson visit. These sketches are full of humor and interesting bits of information!


Road Quest!

Players learn state geography in this game of matching the state to the corresponding license plate The better you are, the more points you score!


Picture Yourself
with Wilson & Ditch

Upload a picture of your own unique location, or use one of the destinations visited by Wilson and Ditch to create your own one of a kind portrait! You can place the gopher brothers anywhere you'd like, then rotate and scale them to fit your picture. Or, print a .pdf file of the brothers, and take your own real life picture with Wilson and Ditch!


You Are Here

Players are quizzed on the various locations Wilson & DItch have traveled to, and the experience they share through their videos and blog entries. Every time a question is answered correctly, the player is given picture clues. Once you know what state the GoBros are in, answer to win smashed pennies to collect awesome trinkets from the souvenir shack!


Go Go GoBros!

Get ready to go, go, go on our Go Go GoBros adventure! You will travel to different states and experience different terrains along your travels. Use your arrow keys to help Ditch avoid animals and objects in his path. Watch the snack meter. If it flashes, you need to catch more snacks! Help Ditch cross the finish line before time runs out and move to the next level.


Souvenirs Shack

Collect smashed pennies by playing certain games on the website. Save them up and buy awesome souvenirs in the Souvenir Shack! Once purchased, souvenirs are saved in your suitcase. Make sure you sign in to collect smashed pennies!


Radio BRO

Tune in to Radio BRO to hear the GoBros songs and podcasts.



Send Wilson & Ditch a postcard! Visit the site to download the template, or get it here. You can also check out postcards they've received from kids all over the USA.