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Chicago Activity


This activity will provide your child with an opportunity to create a travel brochure for visitors planning to enjoy the day in Chicago via the water taxi system. Your child will use pictures of location selections, water taxis, and a partial schedule for each location in the brochure.


  • Computer with Internet access
  • Calculator (for extended version)
  • Pencils
  • Construction Paper (12” x 18”)
  • Photos of Chicago locations
  • Sample travel brochures
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Scrapbook paper (for decorating)

Related links/videos:

Part 1:

Prepare for this activity by visiting some Chicago tourism websites to gather information to share with your child. Together, watch the Wilson and Ditch episode about Chicago. Pay close attention to the types of transportation Wilson and Ditch use, including water taxis in the first part of their adventure.

Discuss and chart what you observe about Chicago.

Tell your child: We are going to create a travel brochure to support the Chicago Water Taxi system. They would like tourists to see how great water taxis are in Chicago. Chicago Water Taxi wants us to make sure we include the following items in the brochure:

  • A map of the water taxi route with the schedule and fares.
  • The route must have a total of three stops, with the last stop in Chinatown.
  • The schedule must include 2 scheduled departure/arrival times for each of the three stops: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • A specific attraction to visit at each of the three stops with its hours of operation, cost, pictures, and a brief description of what the tourist can expect to see or do there.

Part 2:

Together with your child, browse the related links on the Internet.

Point out the various attractions that tourists might like to visit in a one-day trip through the city. Show your child how they can locate information on the Internet about each of the topics or places by doing a search on Instruct them to type the exact words into the search box. As an example, you can demonstrate how to search for information on the Willis (Sears) Tower. Ask your child, “What information on this attraction would we place in our brochure?” Make a list of the responses (name of attraction, address, schedule, website, and pictures).

Show your child some samples of other travel brochures. Discuss how the brochures are organized, placement of pictures, text orientation, etc. Make this list on chart paper to save and reference as your child creates this project.

Part 3:

Make an organizer to help your child plan their ideas. Fold a sheet of notebook paper into fourths. This will give you eight boxes, four on each side. Have your child start to organize his/her ideas.

Create a heading by labeling each box at the top.

  • The Map (or a picture of the route)
  • The Schedule: three stops/ two scheduled times (morning and afternoon)
  • The Fares
  • The three attractions (One at each stop, last one is Chinatown)

Now your child is ready to start the project. So your child is not overwhelmed, fill out one or two boxes each day. You may want to demonstrate first exactly how you want the organizer to look. Your child should continue to search for pictures and gather information on the specific attractions they have selected to highlight in their brochures. Have your child keep all information and gathered material in a folder when they are in between project time.

Use the following links to help locate schedules and attractions:


There are a total of four Chicago Water Taxi stops: Michigan Avenue, LaSalle/Clark, Madison Street and Chinatown. In addition to Chinatown (the final stop), your childshould choose two of the other stops to include as part of the tourist’s “day trip.” An example is: Madison Street, LaSalle/Clark and Chinatown; or, Michigan Avenue, Madison Street and Chinatown. Once your child chooses the three stops, he/she needs to list 2 scheduled water taxi stop times next to each location.

To obtain a picture of the route, have your child print, cut and paste the water taxi map from the website You should have them print out two copies (one for the organizer and one for the brochure).

To obtain schedule information, click on “Maps and Schedules” and select from the four destinations to see the taxi times for that stop.

To obtain information on the fares, use the website

Have your child locate attractions for the tourist to visit. Make sure to include at least one attraction for each stop. Some attractions are listed on the water taxi site at:

Part 4:

It’s time to assemble the brochure! Remind your child to use the organizer and review the requirements to insure they have included all of the major components. Lastly, have fun and to be creative!

For the Brochure:Fold a large piece of white construction paper into fourths lengthwise. You do this by folding the paper in half lengthwise first. Then, open up the folded paper and fold each end into the centerline. This will give you four long rectangular boxes (Your child may choose to refold “accordion style” or fold to have the pages open like a book). One flap for each section, as follows:

  • Cover
  • First Stop with attraction
  • Second Stop with attraction
  • Final Stop: Chinatown with attraction

If extra space is needed, the back side of the paper can be utilized as well. Remember to also include:

  • Water Taxi Map/Route
  • Water Taxi Schedule
  • Water Taxi Fares
  • Attraction Details and Costs

Part 5:

Once the brochure is complete, have your child share all that they have learned about Chicago, its attractions and the water taxi system with the rest of your family.