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Sleepy Hollow Activity

Related books/videos:

  • Wilson & Ditch: Digging America - Sleepy Hollow
  • A to Z Mysteries: Sleepy Hollow Sleepover by Roy Ron
  • Your child will learn how to create a graphic organizer "flipbook" to aid in story development and creative writing. Your child will use the flipbook and the writing process to create their own spooky stories about a location of their choosing.


    • Construction Paper 9"x12" or 12" x 18" (select white or a light color)
    • Wide Ruled Notebook paper
    • Scissors
    • Pencils
    • Crayons
    • Colored Pencils


    • Watch "Wilson and Ditch: Digging America, Sleepy Hollow."
    • Read an age appropriate version of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" to your child such as A to Z Mysteries: Sleepy Hollow Sleepover by Roy Ron.
    • Discuss the characters, setting, problem and solution of this story.
    • Create a flipbook to review and analyze the story as you read it with your child.

    Creating the Flip Book:

    • Fold your construction paper in half lengthwise, and then fold in half again widthwise to mark the center.
    • Open up the last fold and fold each side in half by lining up the outside edge with the center fold.
    • Open up the sides to reveal four equal sections.
    • Lift the cover and cut along the folds between each section.
    • Now you should have four equal flaps, one for each topic: Character, Setting, Problem and Solution.

    (If using a 9"x12" piece of paper, you will have a book that is 4.5" high and 12" wide. The fold will be along the top edge, with the back page uncut, and the cover cut into four equal flaps that are 4.5" high and 3" wide.)

    On the first flap, write the word "Character." This can be written anyway you choose: diagonal or straight across, but it must all fit in one flap. The second will be labeled Setting, the third will be labeled Problem, and the fourth will be labeled Solution. Under each (now labeled) flap, help your child write a sentence or two and/or draw a picture to coincide with its topic.



    After your child completes flipbook for "Sleepy Hollow," have them think of their own spooky story about a location that they have visited and create a flipbook for this new story. Tell her to make the story as scary as possible. Remind your child to include all the story elements described in the class flipbook (character, setting, problem and solution).