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Dragon Tales
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Parents' Journal

Use this printable journal to capture memories and record milestones. Keeping this journal will help you see the world through your child's eyes. It's also a project you and your child will enjoy doing together!

My child's full name is___________________________

He/she was born on________________time__________


Baby milestones:
  • First word

  • First song we sang together

  • First book we shared

Preschool milestones:

  • First song my child learned

  • First book my child shared with me

  • First day at school

What are some of your child's favorite things?

  • Favorite foods

  • Favorite playmates

  • Favorite toys

What are some of the routines you and your child share throughout your day?

  • Our routine for waking up in the morning

  • Our routine for going to bed

Favorite activities:

  • Everybody has talents and things that they love to do. Write about something your child is especially good at or really loves doing.

Special moments we share!

  • List some of your favorite things to do together.

It takes time and practice to get better at something. Remember your child's successes--just trying is a great reason to celebrate!

  • Write down some things your child is working on getting better at--learning to share, cooperating, taking turns, riding a bike, making his or her bed.

Nobody likes everything!

  • Kids can find the funniest ways to tell us they don't like something. What are some things your child really dislikes?

You make me smile!

  • A child can light up the world with a joke or a dance or a fresh way of looking at things we take for granted. What are some of the ways your child makes you laugh or smile?

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