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Recognizing Success
picture of mother, child, and father

Dragon Tales encourages children to keep trying--even when the trying is tough--and to find different ways to solve a problem. It inspires kids to appreciate any success or achievement, big or little, partial or complete.

As our children's first and most important teachers, we can help bring this same message home. Sometimes achievement comes in smaller steps then we had hoped. Letting our children know that success often comes gradually for most of us, and that even partial victories are cause for celebration, will motivate them to keep working toward their goals. At the same time, children can also benefit from your explaining that not succeeding is OK and a real part of life.

The following points may be useful when recognizing your child's efforts and success:

  • Children are constantly learning, and success will be a gradual process.
  • All children are unique; some may take a shorter time to learn and some may take longer.
  • Children are always testing and trying out new ideas.
  • Even when your children's achievements are different from what you'd envisioned, they are still cause for compliments.
  • Children are all different, so you may see differences in behavior from one sibling to another, and one child to another.

Change Takes Time

It's important to be realistic in what we expect not only from our children, but also from ourselves. Changing interactions between parents and kids takes time. We need to be patient with our children, as well as with ourselves, when we are working on changing a pattern of behavior.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Do you acknowledge your children when they complete even part of a daily routine?

  2. When a difficult issue arises, do you try to understand the underlying cause?

  3. Do you acknowledge your own successes (partial or complete) in your interactions with your children?

  4. Are your expectations realistic for yourself and your children?

What the Experts Say

Dr. Becky Bailey
"Working through a parenting challenge is a process. It takes time--and it involves and your child doing it together. You need to see through your child's eyes."

Video Clips From Parent Tales
Watch parents and our experts share insights into successes large and small. To view these clips you will need RealPlayer. Printable Awards
Celebrate your child's successes with these printable Dragon Tales certificates.

Watch Dragon Tales With Your Child

To help your child recognize her success, it may be useful to discuss the lessons of Dragon Tales--that it's OK when Emmy and Max make mistakes, that Emmy and Max like to try new things, and that they often succeed with only part of their original plan.

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