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If you have Real Player, you can watch a sample and
see exciting outtakes from PEOPLE LIKE US.

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"Watch the original sample trailer for PEOPLE LIKE US".
(6.25 minutes)



In their two years making PEOPLE LIKE US, filmmakers Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker ended up shooting much more than they could use in the finished film. Here’s your chance to see some material that almost made it in.

A young couple engaged to be married discovers how their different class backgrounds have affected their outlook on life.
(2.45 minutes)


Can you walk into a living room and guess what class its owners are? These folks think they can.
(2.41 minutes)


If high school is a microcosm for real life, there are many different kinds of elites. Check out this extra from Austin’s Anderson High School.
(3.37 minutes)



Beater cars, Long Island lockjaw, and why you should never say "drapes" – more tips on how to spot the real thing.
(2.11 minutes)




Additional funny and provocative thoughts from the People Like Us commentators.