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Matt and Bo
Tammy and Matt
Tammy and her trailer
Tammy's Story
People at the bottom, they battle the limitations of life like everybody else. If they're not overwhelmed by the dictates of drugs, and violence, and extraordinarily bad schools, they have exactly the same plans that everybody else has. That is, to become the most that they can become, to get the best that they can get for their kids, to encourage their kids to become the best that they can become, and to be the best kind of person they can be.
—Stanley Crouch, critic

In the last of our three class profiles, we visit the desperately poor Crabtree family in Southern Ohio. Matriarch Tammy Crabtree, 42, lives in a dilapidated trailer with her four teenage kids. Although she's off welfare after 18 years, her job cleaning bathrooms at a local Burger King requires her to walk ten miles a day to and from work. Called "trash" by her neighbors, Tammy also has to contend with the preppie aspirations of her 16 year old son Matt, who doesn't want to be seen with her and has designs of becoming a lawyer, although even he seems to sense the limitations that await him.

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