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Eleanor Welty
wasp lessons
I am a member of the privileged American class known as the WASPs, the silver spoon people, the people who were handed things from an early age and stepped into a safe, clean, white world.
—Thomas Langhorne Phipps, writer

In the first of three profiles of specific American classes, People Like Us visits the group that for over a century has been considered to be the top of the social pyramid – the White Anglo Saxon Protestants, or WASPs, whose ways of dressing and acting have been widely imitated. New York blueblood Thomas Langhorne Phipps serves as our guide, providing a peek at the self-image of this tightly-knit class ("We stand better, we walk better, we speak better, we dress better, we eat better, we’re smarter, we’re more cultured and we treat people better..."). Other WASP observers offer a collection of "WASP lessons" that help them spot the real thing (madras pants, threadbare Oriental carpets, absolutely no artificial flowers).

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