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Get AcrobatSocial class is a subject that touches every student, and we have lesson plans and curriculum guides to help you introduce the topic to your classes. You may choose to view the lessons on the web or to download the plans in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required).

Social Studies, Civics by William F. Munn

Marketing Class: plan an advertising campaign (7th - 10th grades)
Students explore how advertising helps define social class in their communities and collaborate to develop their own advertising campaigns.

Class in the Media: write a television show (10th - 12th grades)
Students examine messages about class in the popular media and write proposals for television shows based on class-related themes.

William F. Munn is an American Studies/Government teacher based in Marion, Indiana.

Mathematics by Michele Soussou

Income Levels & Social Class: is it all about cash? (5th - 8th grades)
Students use percentages, graphs and an online "Cost of Living Calculator" to explore the link between income and social class.

Michele Soussou worked at Project SEED for several years, teaching math in the Dallas schools. She earned an MBA at Duke University and went on to work at US Airways as a financial analyst. She now works in Arlington, VA at Sylvan Learning Systems as the math program manager for the Learning Centers.

Health Education by Lynn Wiegand

Class & Health: you are what you eat (6th - 8th grades or 9th - 11th w/adaptation)
Students learn how social class can affect nutrition and then devise and carry out a plan to help improve the nutrition of people in their communities.

Lynn Wiegand is the health education teacher at Rocky Hill Middle School, Montgomery County, Maryland.