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In The Perennial Gardener with Karen Strohbeen, Karen shares the beauty and bounty of her garden, and offers information useful to both the novice and seasoned gardener. The Perennial Gardener with Karen Strohbeen is airing this spring. Check your local listings for more information.

#201, Seeing Connections
Noted garden authority Rick Darke welcomes Karen Strohbeen to his renowned gardens in Landenberg, Pennsylvania to explore the role and beauty of light in garden design - a key element too often overlooked. He also stresses the importance of making connections - between the gardener and the land, as well as the land and its community. Karen and Rick also visit the nearby White Clay Creek Preserve and Karen visits with Rick's wife and gardening partner, Melinda Zoehrer. PLANT LIST

#202, Poppies and Things
Poppies - a joy when in bloom, but it's no easy trick to get them there. Karen Strohbeen welcomes viewers to her own garden and also ventures to the Netherlands to visit with Nico and Arno Rijnbeek of Rijnbeek & Son, perennial growers and exporters in Boskoop, Holland. Back home, Karen and fellow gardening expert Harlan Hamernik divide and plant poppies. PLANT LIST

#203, The Tropical Season
Contrary to popular opinion, the use of lush tropical plants is an option in nearly all locations. Elvin McDonald, "dean" of American garden writers, works with Karen to divide and plant tropicals with stunning results. PLANT LIST

#204, Peony Blooms in August
Passionate about peonies? So is Karen Strohbeen. From coaxing peonies to bloom in the heat of August to planting them from a pot and dividing them, Karen learns the do's, don'ts and delights of this perennial favorite with Lee Zieke Lee and Lindsay Lee at Willowglen Nursey in Decorah, Iowa. Fellow gardening expert Harlan Hamernik joins Karen to help plant the tricky tree peony. PLANT LIST

#205, Picking It Right
There are tricks to getting the most from tulips and narcissus. Karen Strohbeen begins at the end: gathering spring flowers for bouquets, showing how to "harvest" and display them to the best advantage, and how to plan so there is color after the spring bulbs are gone. A special highlight includes a visit to the Netherlands for a glimpse at the summer bulbs in Loes Langendijk's garden. PLANT LIST

#206, Elegant Plants and Old Tires
Again in the glorious gardens of the Netherlands, Karen Strohbeen visits bulb grower and exporter Hans Witteman in Hillegom. At the Trompenburg Arboretum in Rotterdam she views more beautiful plants and also joins forces with fellow American Felder Rushing for further gardening adventures. Back in Iowa, Felder shows Karen how anything - even an old tire - can be used creatively to have fun gardening; the key is using your imagination and taking gardening risks! PLANT LIST

#207, Up the Hudson
Karen Strohbeen visits photographer and author Starr Ockenga in New York's Hudson River Valley. Amid Starr's landscaping set against the verdant valleys and mountains of the region, Karen and Starr explore the gardening and landscaping possibilities created by a deer fence. They also go inside to plant some spectacular Amaryllis. PLANT LIST

#208, Lady in the Bath and Winter Sparks
Karen Strohbeen has it "made in the shade" this week as she takes viewers on a tour of her spring flowering plants under an old oak tree. An old-fashioned bleeding heart is turned upside down to reveal a "lady in the bath." Preparing for "winter sparks," Karen learns about forcing bulbs during a visit with Brent Heath, the "Bulb Man." PLANT LIST

#209, Weeds, Tools and Toys
Karen Strohbeen and fellow garden expert Lindsay Lee fight the battle of the weed, demonstrating how to handle weeds in plant crowns and keeping them, as well as unwanted grasses, out of garden edges. The pair also explores the world of garden tools: what's essential, what's necessary, and what's just plain fun! PLANT LIST

#210, Fabulous Garlic
How, where and when should garlic be planted, and how do you know when it's ready to be harvested? Karen Strohbeen is joined by Larry Cleverly, a.k.a. "The Garlic Guy," to explore the fascinating twists and turns of growing organic garlic. The tricky business of what makes something "organic" (versus not) is also examined. Also, special guest Neil Hamilton, a law professor from Drake University, literally takes his class to market to explore the tricky terrain of direct farm marketing and helps them - and us - distinguish between a good sales pitch and good food. Additional information on the regulations that govern organic gardening is also provided. PLANT LIST

#211, A Third Art
Combining the art of nature with man-made fine art, like sculpture, takes the beauty of gardening to a new lovely and sophisticated level. Artist and gardener May Hobijn joins artist and gardener Karen Strohbeen on a trip to the Netherlands to demonstrate the delicate and dramatic "third art" of creating and placing art in the garden. PLANT LIST

#212, Putting a Face on Our Food
The personal garden reflects the larger order of the modern food chain. Karen Strohbeen takes viewers step by step through the world of tomatoes, from seeding the flats, potting up and planting out. PLANT LIST

#213, A New Garden Vision
World-renowned garden designer Piet Oudolf takes series host Karen Strohbeen on a unique tour of his magnificent gardens in the Netherlands and helps gardeners capture, and maintain, the spirit of "controlled spontaneity." Special guidance is offered on creating a vision for one's garden and combining plants and other elements to realize that vision. PLANT LIST