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Archiving Film Archiving Letters
When deciding how to archive your color film, you must first become familiar with the film itself. You must know if the film you hold is the camera original or a copy, what type of film stock your print is on, and what condition it is in. Kodak provides a very thorough overview for preserving film at
Here are some general guidelines for archiving your color film:
Make a good duplicate copy of the film you hold. There are several options in making a copy. Check in your local yellow pages under video production services for a business that can transfer your film to either film, video, or DVD. A local film/video business can guide you through these choices and help you decide which is best for your needs.
Preserve the original by either storing it yourself or donating it to a museum or archive.
Here are some guidelines for choosing a depository for your film;
Find a museum, library or archive that has adequate storage facilities for your film. Ask for a tour or a brochure of the facility itself.
Learn about local and national preservation societies and projects. Currently the Library of Congress is collecting materials and oral histories of veterans from all wars.
Go to the Veteran's History Project to learn more at
If you have letters or personal belongings that compliment the film, find a museum, library or archive that will take everything together.
Share your film. Keep a copy for yourself. Share your film with your family and other people. Personal records are our most valuable resources for accessing history.
Try to create a whole picture. If you can, write down the events in the film. Especially if you are the person who shot or who appears in the film, take the time to write and record your experiences. Find letters or journal entries that relate to the film and list the names of the people in the film. Create a log that can accompany the film anywhere that it goes in the future.

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