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Entries from the journals of Frank and Julia Glut. Frank, a bomber pilot, ships out for England, leaving Julia and their two-year-old son in Chicago. In the spring of 1944, Frank's plane is shot down over Germany; in the wreckage, searchers find a pair of baby shoes.
Saturday Aug.5, 1944
Topeka, Kan.
Said goodbye to Julia and Donnie for the third time. This was it. The poor kid took it hard. Felt pretty bad myself. Sure going to miss her and the little guy. Hope she got a good seat on the train. Called Julia up before she left the station. Glad I got a chance to talk to her before we took off. She was very brave.
August 5- Saturday
(Topeka, Kan. & traveling)
I said goodbye again but somehow I felt that this would be goodbye for a while. I went back to the hotel and packed and then went to the depot. I cried awfully hard before I left the hotel. Frank called me at the depot and told me that they were leaving that night. I was lucky to get a seat on the train.

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