Television and Theater Schedule

Television -

"Pharaoh's Army" will premiere nationwide on PBS during September 1996. Check your local listings to confirm broadcast dates and times.

Theater Schedule -

Starting July 18, 1996 it will play at the Cinematheque in Cleveland, Ohio. Past playdates include:

Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Lexington, KY
Hendersonville, KY
Seattle, WA
Portland, WA
Nashville, TN
Memphis TN
Montgomery, AL
Mobile, AL
Boston, MA
Kansas City, MO
Durham, NC
Charlotte, NC
Cincinnati, OH
Austin, TX

Film Festivals -

Seattle International Film Festival
Montreal International Film Festival
Belgrade International Film Festival
Boston Film Festival
Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
Charlotte Film Festival (Director's Choice Award)
First Look Screening Series (Tribecca Films, New York City)
Texas Film Festival