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Emad Burnat, Co-director, Cinematographer
Emad Burnat is a Palestinian farmer and freelance cameraman and photographer. His credits include filming for TV channels such as Al-Jazeera, Israeli channels 1, 2 and 10, and Palestinian television. He has also worked with Reuters on several occasions, and he filmed footage for the documentaries Bil'in, My Love, Palestine Kids, Open Close and Interrupted Streams, among others.

Guy Davidi, Co-director, Co-editor
Born in Jaffa, Israel, Guy Davidi is a documentary filmmaker and teacher. He has been directing, editing and shooting films since the age of 16. As a cameraman, he shot the films Hamza and Journal d'Une Orange, Aller Simple for France 3. Davidi has also directed many short documentaries including In Working Progress, Keywords, and Women Defying Barriers, which were presented at film festivals and theatrical venues worldwide. In 2010, Davidi's first feature, Interrupted Streams, premiered to acclaim at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

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