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Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions to find out if we have addressed what's on your mind. We receive many emails, letters and phone calls from viewers and will not be able to get back to you immediately. We've done our best to anticipate your questions here, so we really appreciate your taking the time to read the answers below thoroughly.

If you have a general question about PBS or PBS programming, please contact PBS directly, or read through their FAQ to learn how to contact your local station.

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POV's newsletter is sent out once a week during the regular season (summer/fall) and intermittently the rest of the year. It will remind you about upcoming POV programs and update you about websites premiering on PBS Online. All information collected is for POV use only and will not be publicly shared or distributed to any organizations or individuals.

For POV press inquiries, please contact:

K. Salmon
Email: ksalmon@pov.org
I. Park
Email: ipark@pov.org

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You can comment on any film by going to that film's page. There you can express your POV and talk about the issues with other viewers. Comments about the journalistic integrity of PBS and POV content can be sent to the PBS public editor, Madhulika Sikka, or you may contact her directly at 703-739-5290.

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