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Frequently Asked Questions

We've done our best to anticipate your question here, so we really appreciate you taking the time to read the answers below thoroughly. We receive many emails, letters and phone calls from viewers and will not be able to get back to you immediately.

What does POV stand for?

POV is a cinema term for 'point of view.'


When will a program be on the air again?

Your local PBS station makes independent decisions about how frequently and when to replay POV programs, so unfortunately, we can't give you an easy answer.You can check your local listings for upcoming (re)broadcasts of POV in the next two weeks. Just type in your zip code or state, select your local PBS station, and see if the program you are interested in appears in the listings.

If you don't see the particular program -- or any POV broadcasts at all -- listed, that means that your station will not be airing POV in the next two weeks and we don't have any further information to offer, unfortunately.

We recommend that you contact your local station directly to let them know if you are interested in seeing a POV program rebroadcast, or to inquire about any future plans to repair the program.


My station never carries POV at the time you advertise, Mondays at 10 PM. What's up?

PBS recommends that local stations air POV on Monday nights at 10 PM, but local PBS stations make their own decisions about when to air POV programs. Feel free to let them know that you would prefer that the series were scheduled at a different time.


How can I find out about upcoming POV shows?

One simple way is to sign up for our newsletter, which we mail out to your in-box weekly during our regular on-air season (summer/fall) and intermittently the rest of the year. It will remind you about upcoming POV programs and update you about websites premiering on PBS Online.As an alternative, if you see a film that interests you on the TV Schedule, click on the REMIND ME button to sign up for one-time-only email reminders for a particular broadcast.


Where can I buy a copy of a POV program on tape or DVD?

Visit our Discover Films page, where you can browse for a program by topic or season, or you can search by the title or filmmaker's name, etc. Once you've found the program you're interested in, click on the film title and the "Buy the Film" link should be in the right-hand column under "View the Film." If no such link appears, as in the case of some films from early seasons of POV, that means that we currently have no information on the film's distribution. Please email us at feedback {at} pov.org, and we can try to track down that information for you.


Can I tape a program off the air and use it in my classroom?

Most POV documentaries can be taped off the air and used for educational purposes (K-12) for up to one year from the broadcast date. In certain cases this period may vary. For more information about off-air taping rights, visit PBS TeacherSource, which is a great resource for educators. For a list of lesson plans offered for use with POV films, visit our For Educators area.


Where can I send my comments on a particular program?

There are multiple ways you can share your responses with us.The most direct way would be to send us an email via feedback [at] pov.org.Online, you can comment on any film by going to that film's page. There you can express your POV and talk about the issues with other viewers.

Have a comment related to the journalistic integrity of PBS and POV content? Send an email to the PBS ombudsman, Michael Getler, or contact him directly at 703-739-5290.


How do I submit a story idea?

We're probably not the best place to send your idea. POV doesn't do "story development" in traditional television terms, because we're a series of independently-produced documentary films. Most films come to us near completion or finished. If you have a film you would like to submit for consideration, visit our Filmmakers area of the site.


I'm a filmmaker. How do I get my film on POV?

Every year, POV holds a Call for Entries, in which we encourage filmmakers to submit films for consideration for broadcast on POV For more information, visit our Filmmakers area, where you'll find links to our Call for Entries, more on what kinds of projects are eligible for consideration, and other funding and broadcasting resources available to independent producers at PBS.


How do I find the website for a particular POV program?

If you visit our Discover Films area, you can browse for the program by topic or season, or you can search by the title, filmmaker's name or anything else you remember about the program. When you find the program, click on the film's title to go to the film's page.


Do you have any job openings? Can I be a POV intern?

We have a small staff and rarely have openings for full-time positions. If you are interested in interning in one of our departments, take a look at available positions on the American Documentary website. We get many inquiries of this kind, but you will hear from us if there is an opening and we think you and POV might be a good fit.


What is your mailing address?

You can write to us at:

American Documentary, Inc.
P.O. Box 25462
Brooklyn, NY 11202-5462


How to watch POV's Documentary Films, Trailers and More?

ON TV: Search POV's TV Schedule to find local broadcast listings.

ON Online: Watch video by visiting POV's video page or the PBS Video site.

ON Mobile: Download a PBS video app to watch POV films, trailers and special features.

In Your Community: Find a community documentary screening near you, or access POV's Free DVD Lending Library to create your own event.


What is your comment policy?

Visit our Comment Policy page for more detail.