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POV Premiere Parties

POV is inviting viewers to host "premiere parties" — large or small — to watch and discuss POV's 28th season of eye-opening new films with friends and family, then enter for a chance to win prizes!

Party Packs Include...

Signed DVDs and Posters

Each Premiere Party Pack includes two Season 28 DVDs, plus posters (many signed by the filmmakers).

neuland-poster-small.jpg artandcraft-poster-small.jpg outinthenight-poster.jpg overnighters-poster-small.jpg pointandshoot-poster-small.jpg thestormmakers-poster.jpg beatsoftheantonov-poster-small.jpg toughlove-poster-small.jpg returntohoms-poster-small.jpg



Newman's Own Organics Pop's Corn

With pretzels, cookies, chocolate bars and chocolate cups successfully launched, "What's next" was the question Nell Newman asked herself. What favorite childhood snack food could they produce organically? What new item would appeal to "Pa" Newman? Then she had it--Pop's Corn, an organic microwave popcorn. "Pa" loved it, gave it his blessing, and said it was sure to be very "pop"-ular. Corny, but true.


Omnom Chocolate Reykjavík

Omnom Hand Crafted Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate producer in Iceland. We produce hand crafted chooclate from organic cacao beans, originating fro the cacao fields on the island jungles of the Caribbean, South America, Asia and Africa. We source only premium beans with the most interesting flavor profiles.

POV Tote Bag


Carry all your documentary swag in a POV tote bag. Made out of sturdy cotton, this tote is the perfect way to show the world you're a documentary lover!

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Call for Entries


The POV Call for Entries (CFE) for broadcast season 2016 is now closed.

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