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American Promise

Premiere Date: February 3, 2014

'American Promise' in Context

What Researchers Are Saying

"If black male students were suspended and expelled at the same rates as white male students, half a million fewer out-of-school suspensions and at least 10,000 fewer expulsions would occur."
— Schott Foundation for Public Education

"The problem with black male achievement is institutionalized, and the solution will demand deliberate systematic strategies that involve full cooperation between concerned citizens, parents, activists, teachers, school leaders and policymakers."
— Ivory A. Toldson, Howard University

"Philanthropic investments in strategies to address the myriad challenges confronting black males will help in turn ‘to lift all boats' for underserved, vulnerable and marginalized people and will ensure a brighter, stronger and more equal and open society for us all."
— Open Society Foundations

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