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Production Credits

Produced, Directed & Edited by
Aaron Matthews

Wayne De La Roche
Aaron Matthews

Associate Producer & Editing Consultant
Jennifer Mittelstadt

Pete O'Neal
Charlotte Hill O'Neal
Florene O'Neal
Geronimo ji Jaga
Joju Cleaver ji Jaga
Derek Harris
Marty Young

Also Featuring
Omar Matatola
Mzee Maketi
Christopher Nko
Brian O'Neal
Molly Pulsifer
Doctor Japhet Urasa
Ester Warobi
Angel Josephat
Supen Ole Kasikasi
Robert Mafie
Alex Righolt
Todd Steadman
J. Kelvin Terry
Marc Wilson
Michael Zannettis

Sound Design & Mix
Troy Krueger at Creative Group

Lauren Meschter at Henninger Media Services

Credits & Titles
Bill Hall

Legal Consultant
David Leyden

Special Thanks
Matt Ackley
Kidasa Benediketi
Alan Berliner
I. H. Daffa
Jim Dougherty & the De La Salle Education Center
Roger Gural
Anthony Giacchino
Joe Hamersky
Mary Matthews
Rebeca Matthews
Robert Matthews
Roberta Matthews
Allison Prete
Mwajabu Sadiki
Richard Saiz
Chris Valentino
Timberly Whitfield
Debra Kelly
The United African Alliance Community Center


"Moose the Mooch." Performed by Charlie Parker, Red Garland, Billy Griggs, Roy Haynes. From Charlie Parker at Storyville. Used with permission from Blue Note, Capitol Records.

"Africa." Written and performed by the African Traditional Dance Group, Arusha Tanzania

Footage Used with Permission From
ABCNEWS VideoSource
Fox TV
The O'Neal Home Video Library
The National Archives
The Kansas City Museum
This program was made possible by funding from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.

Additional Funding Provided By
The New York State Council on the Arts
The Jerome Foundation
The Brooklyn Arts Council

A Panther in Africa was produced in Association with the Independent Television Service.

Executive Producer for ITVS, Sally Jo Fifer

This program was produced by Aaron Matthews who is solely responsible for its content.

© Copyright 2004, Aaron Matthews. All Rights Reserved

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