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Interviews: Black Panthers Today

Hear from former Black Panthers about what their work with the Panthers has evolved into today.

Photo: Kathleen Cleaver today

Kathleen Cleaver
Communications Secretary, 1967-71

"The context has changed. Have I changed my views on how society needs to be changed? No. It needs fundamental root-and-branch improvement, not plastering over." | Read more »

Photo: Barbara Easley today

Barbara Easley
Black Panther Party, 1970-74

"The discipline and the theory and the practice are all important. They've remained a part of the work I do in social work and human services." | Read more »

Photo: Elbert Howard today

Elbert Howard
Founding editor of the Black Panther Party Community News Service

"Conditions change, and we have new situations to deal with, but essentially the problems are the same: there's a need for community organizing." | Read more »

Photo: Billy X. Jennings today

Billy X. Jennings
Black Panther Party, 1968-74

"The Ten Point Program is still relevant. They are things we need today: an end to police brutality, the power to determine the destiny of the black community. Today, there might be some things added." | Read more »

Photo: Yvonne King today

Yvonne King
Field Secretary, Illinois Chapter

"I draw a great deal from my experience in the party... It was such a rich and phenomenal experience, the best five years of my life." | Read more »

Photo: Bobby Seale today

Bobby Seale
Co-founder, Black Panther Party

"It's important to understand the relevance of coalition politics to all efforts at liberation. Assess the true progressive nature of an organization, regardless of who it is." | Read more »

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