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Micheli travels to Idaho to find national roughstock rodeo

champion Jan Youren, mother of eight, grandmother of 38,

who has ridden bulls and broncs for 40 years and

broken nearly every bone in her body. Jan on talk show

Youren once rode for a year with a sore back, only to find

out that it was actually broken. "What keeps you doing it?"

Micheli asks incredulously. "I have a short memory,"

Jan talking about her back Youren says, laughing it off.

"I don't remember how bad it hurts."

JUST FOR THE RIDE features breathtaking footage

of Youren's bid to win her sixth Women's World Championship.

Riding with two dislocated shoulders, dislocated shoulders

she gets bucked off in the final round one year, but

Jan winning the title comes back the next and, at 51,

becomes the oldest rough stock rider, among women

and men, to have ever won the title.

The daughter of a rodeo producer, Youren was
brought up around bucking horses. "My very first rodeo,
I was twelve years old and Daddy produced it,"
she recalls. "I rode my first horse, called Meathead,
and I was placing. And I had the big head fever. I really
thought I was hot stuff." Then the horse threw her
and she came down face-first with a mouthful of dirt.
"I couldn't shut my eyes or my mouth," she says
with a laugh. "He showed me right quick there's always
one you can't ride."

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