Arctic Son

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Produced & Directed by
Andrew Walton

Produced by
Dallas Brennan Rexer
Elizabeth Mandel

Executive Producers
Katy Chevigny
Nick Quested

In Memory of Johnny Abel
1947 - 1995
Chief of Old Crow, Yukon
Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, 1978 - 1984

A Big Mouth Films production

Presented by
Arts Engine, Inc.

Stanley Njootli, Sr.
Stanley Grafton Njootli, Jr.

Edited by
Bryan Gunnar Cole

Directors of Photography
Jonathan Furmanski
Jeff Stonehouse

Original Music by
Michael Rohatyn

Consulting Producer
Chris Eyre

Sound Recording & Additional Cinematography by
Andrew Walton

Old Crow Production Associate & Cultural Consultant
Mary Jane Moses

Additional Editing by
Penelope Falk

Assistant Editor
Daniel Cuthbert

Final Post Production Services
Goldcrest Post

Associate Sound & Music Editor
Mary Myers

Production Assistants
Ericka Gutierrez
Adam Hunt
Scott Waters

Post Production Assistants
Jason Decker
Lindsey Megrue
Nikhil Melnechuk
Cecily Pingree
Kelly Shook
Matt Tilley

Production Associate & Trailer Assistant Editor
Maggie Bowman

Music Performed by
Michael Rohatyn, guitars and ukulele
Mike Levine, pedal steel and Dobro

Music Recorded at
Manhattan Beach Recording, NYC

Titling & Design
Shira Golding
John Hobbs

Arts Engine Production Accountant
Kibra Yohannes

Arts Engine Development Consultant
Enrico Cullen

Arts Engine Production Consultants
Beth Davenport
Angela Tucker

Arts Engine Tech Guru
Jean Seok

Béla Fleck
Seattle Indian Health Board
Michael Hanitchak
David Klein
Max Oelschlaeger
Megan Williams

Archival Material Provided by
Yukon Archives: Arthur Thornwaite fonds, 83/22, V-93 (1 - 4)
Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon

Music Provided by
"Mowing the Lawn"
written and performed by P.T. Walkley
published by Like a Little Brother (BMI)

Written and performed by TRAMA
Published by K.E.P. Inc.

"Orange Gladness"
Written and performed by John Kimbrough
Published by Gridiron Gates Music (BMI)

"Wabash Cannon Ball"
Performed by Pixel
Published by

"In the Pines"
Written by
Jimmie Davis/Hoyt Bryant/Clayton McMichen
Performed by Bill Monroe
on Universal Music Enterprises
Published by Peer International Corp. (BMI)

"Get Up"
Written and performed by DZK & Fat

Performed by S-Words
Written by N. Anastos, D. Bjork, V. La Torre

"June Apple"
Performed by M Shanghai String Band
Courtesy of Red Parlor Records

"Ground Hog" / "Wayfaring Stranger"
Written and performed by David Schnaufer and Jerome Butch Baldassari
Published by Slocum Hollow Songs (BMI)
Used with permission of SoundArt Recordings

"Klub Killa"
Written and performed by DZK & Gravity

Written and performed by Surviving Sunrise

"Annie Laurie"
Written by Lady John Scott, William Douglas
Performed by Bill Stevens

"Davy, Davy"
Performed by Dave Douglass
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Written and performed by Erin O'Hara
Published by Motherlove Music (BMI)

"Used Car"
Written and performed by Jeff Stone
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"Open Window"
Written and performed by Erin O'Hara
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"The Binge"
Written and performed by Mark Hervey
Published by Jelly Truck Music (BMI)

"Those Days"
Written and performed by TRAMA featuring Angelique
Published by K.E.P. Inc

Thank You
Rosalie Abel
Air North
Steven Angel
Arts Engine Board of Directors
Allan Benjamin
Boyd Benjamin
Ellen Bruce
Robert Bruce
Robert, Dorothy & Willow Bruce
Les Carpenter
Ben Charlie
Chief Zzeh Gittlit School
Allan Code
George Eli
Brenda Frost
Marvin Frost
Stephen Frost, Jr.
Stephen Frost, Sr.
Steve Gallion
Lixian Hanover
Skip Healy
Mette Hoffman-Meyer
Elsie Hume
Ian Hunter
Kim Jardine
Brandy Johnson
Nathan Jones
Tracey Jones
Edith Josie
Tammy Josie
William Josie
Brenda Kaye
Meike Koehler
Gary Kofinas
KraftWorks, Ltd.
John Joe Kyikavichik
Joe Linklater
Hanmin Liu & Jennifer Mei
Roxanne Livingstone
Donna Longcrier
Kenneth Longcrier
Lexy Lee Lumley
Jock McClintock
Sharon Miller
Craig Mishler
Jane Montgomery
Georgie Moses
Hannah Netro
Sandra Newman
Sara Nolan
Dick Nukon
Sally O'Grady
Alex Orban
Kitty Overton
Kathryn Parker
Amy Perez
Victor Peterson
Jolene Pinder
William Rexer II
Josh Roark
Katie Roark
David Schlosser
Lauren Slattery
Jon Stewart
Glenna Tetlichi
Joe Tetlichi
Kenny Tetlichi
Patti Tetlichi
Garney Tizya
Landon Van Soest
Jon & Sis Walton
Katie Walton
Lillian Walton
Katie Walton-Day

And our deepest appreciation to the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation and the entire community of Old Crow.

Funding Provided by
The Low Dot Chew & Lee Shee Fund of The San Francisco Foundation
Wellspring Foundation
Unity Avenue Foundation
LEF Foundation/Community Futures Collective
Roberta M. Childs Foundation
Chris T. Christ Initiatives Fund of the Battle Creek Community Foundation
The Lucius & Eva Eastman Fund
Elizabeth Adams
Experimental Television Center
American Indian Graduate Center
Aaron Adams
Kelly & Associates
Gusta Ronson

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