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Janus Metz


Born in Denmark in 1974, Janus Metz received a master's degree in communications and international development from Roskilde University. After working as a documentary researcher, he moved to South Africa, where he worked on the television drama Soul City before making his debut documentary short, Township Boys, in 2006. Metz had his breakthrough as a director with his two feature documentaries on marriage and migration, Love on Delivery (2008) and Ticket to Paradis (2008). Metz's films have been televised throughout Europe and he has received wide recognition for his work (Silver Wolf nominee, IDFA; HBO Emerging Filmmaker, Full Frame; 2008 Documentary of the Year, Danish Association of Producers). In addition to his film work, Metz writes articles on the subject of documentary. Armadillo is his first feature-length documentary.

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The mission was to bring the war on Afghanistan back into people’s living rooms and make them engaged. There was a feeling that nobody was really caring that there was a war in Afghanistan.”

— Janus Metz, Filmmaker

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