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Production Credits

Kieran Fitzgerald

Executive Producers
Peter Gilbert
Michael Fitzgerald

Brendan Fitzgerald

Shane Slattery-Quintanilla

Associate Producer
Richard Parks
Catherine Gowl

Executive Producer for POV/American Documentary, Inc.
Simon Kilmurry

Tommy Lee Jones

Edited and Written by
Kieran Fitzgerald
Brendan Fitzgerald
Shane Slattery-Quintanilla

Original Music
Bobby Flores

Music Supervisor
Annette Fradera

Sound Editor
Eric Offin
David Bach

Sound Recording
Shane Slattery-Quintanilla

Director of Photography
Kieran Fitzgerald

Additional Camera
Shane Slattery-Quintanilla
Brendan Fitzgerald
Sam Graham-Felsen
John Hall

Graphic Design
Mira Stanley

Color Correction
Ben Murray

Director of Photography for Recreation
John Hall
Robert "Caz" Duffy

Recreation Cast
Silver Screen Soldiers
Izidiel Garcia

Recreation Casting
Kira Burns

Legal Counsel
Penelope Glass

Narration Recorded by
William Sarokin
Keith Harter Music

Additional Music
Marco Beltrami
The Gotan Project
Bubba Hernandez
Joel Guzman
Al Gomez, Jr.
Arhoolie Records

Composer/Performer of "El Corrido de Esequiel Hernandez"
Santiago Jimenez, Jr. y su Conjunto

English Translation by
Raquel Vasquez-Morejon Jimenez
Jaime Martinez

Fiscal Sponsorship provided by
Kartemquin Educational Films

Thanks to:
Peter Gilbert
Gordon Quinn
Joanna Rudnik
Armando Carrasco
Nelson Hermilla
Barry Kowalski
James Evans
Michael & Kathy Fitzgerald
Phil & Elizabeth Green
Colleen Gowl
Van Dyke & Sally Parks
Roger & Mary Slattery-Quintanilla
Barbara Stanley
David Tedeschi
Arian Velasquez
Victor Venegas
Moose and his Taverners

Archival Footage:
CNN News Archives
NBC News Archives
KTSM, El Paso
National Archives and Records Administration
CBS News
ABC News
FOX News

Additional funding provided by:
Ithaca Productions, Inc.
Walter Hewlett
Charlotte Brown
Gulrez Arshad
Nancy Morgan Ritter
Robert & Penny Cabot
Robert Gardner

in gratitude to

and to

This program was produced by Heyoka Pictures, LLC which is solely responsible for its content.

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Nobody knew about his story, and I started wondering why it was that his story had vanished.”

— Kieran Fitzgerald, Filmmaker

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