Inspired by Agnès Varda


Natalia Almada
Filmmaker, El General (POV 2010), Al Otro Lado (POV 2006)

"I did not know when I first saw it that Daguerréotypes was made within the 90 meters around Varda's house that could be reached with an electric cable running out of her mailbox. But it makes perfect sense to me, as if the cable had been in all the frames. I saw this film in school when I was studying photography, before I imagined I'd make films." Read more »

Beaches of Agnes - Bette GordonBette Gordon
Filmmaker, Handsome Harry

"Varda has said, 'It's not enough to tell a story. You have to find a way to make it cinematic.' I completely agree. As a filmmaker, I have never been satisfied simply by telling an entertaining story. Rather, I have been drawn to look beneath the surface of things, to see the unseeable, to speak what is usually unspoken and to ask the viewer to explore the world below the conscious mind. " Read more »

Beaches of Agnes - Jacqueline GossJacqueline Goss
Filmmaker, Professor

"I was 19 when I saw my first Agnès Varda movie. It was Vagabond, shown in a film history classroom. As an aspiring filmmaker, I appreciated its hybrid form, its startling color contrasts, the painterly approach to landscape. Cool, raw and undoubtedly a woman's film -- I was inspired." Read more »

Beaches of Agnes - Nancy Kates Nancy Kates
Filmmaker, Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin (POV 2003)

"It would be hard not to love Agnès Varda. I think of her as the impish fairy godmother of documentary, mostly because of The Gleaners and I...The film inspires us to find the humanity, as well as the humor and the poetry, in our subjects." Read more »