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The Beaches of Agnès
The film's official website includes a trailer, reviews, and screening locations.

Ciné-Tamaris is Agnès Varda's production company dedicated to the production and restoration of works by Varda and Jacques Demy. The website features a searchable catalogue of films by Varda and Demy.


Agnès Varda

The New York Times: Agnès Varda
This topics page from The New York Times consists of a biography as well as resources and links from around the Web about Agnès Varda, including articles and reviews from The New York Times.

Chicago Sun-Times: "Saint Agnès of Montparnasse"
In this March 2009 review of The Beaches of Agnès, Roger Ebert goes even further and offers a tribute to Varda's work and legacy.

MUBI: Agnès Varda
Also known as the Auteurs, this site provides summaries of Varda's work. From May 2010 to May 2011, Varda's entire body of work will be available online for a per-film fee.

The Criterion Collection: "How Agnès Varda Invented The New Wave"
In this essay on the Criterion website, French film scholar Ginette Vincendeau looks at Varda's first film, La Pointe-Courte, and discusses how it created a new aesthetic and a new way of making films that paved the way for the French New Wave.

Agnès Varda (French Film Directors). Alison Smith. (Manchester University Press, 1998)
In this book, Alison Smith provides a detailed analysis of Agnès Varda's films.

French New Wave

The Criterion Collection: French New Wave
The Criterion Collection website offers a brief description of the New Wave era and includes a list of other films made during its definitive period.

Senses of Cinema: "Marker, Resnais, Varda: Remembering the Left Bank Group"
Filmmaker and lecturer Robert Farmer provides background for and analysis of the Left Bank Group, a subgroup of the New Wave that included Varda.

Zeitgeist Films: Jacques Demy
Jacques Demy was married to Varda and was a respected filmmaker in his own right. Zeitgeist Films provides a short biography and a link to his film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

The New York Times: Jacques Demy
This page contains a biography, filmography and collection of articles relating to Varda's husband, Jacques Demy.

New Wave
This site features a history of the New Wave and includes an online encyclopedia of directors and films as well as a blog about New Wave.

A History of the French New Wave Cinema, Richard Neupert. (University of Wisconsin Press, 2002)
In an excerpt from the introduction to a book on the French New Wave, Richard Neupert, associate professor of film studies at the University of Georgia, charts the movement's progression and cites specific films. The book discusses the Left Bank directors, including Varda and Alain Resnais.

Masculine Feminine: French New Wave Cinema, Geneviève Sellier. (Duke University Press, 2008)
French film scholar Geneviève Sellier analyzes the role of gender and sexual identities in French New Wave cinema. She looks at Varda's role in the male-dominated New Wave.

Interviews with Agnès Varda

On The Beaches of Agnès

IndieWire: "Wave Goodbye: Agnès Varda's 'The Beaches of Agnès'"
Michael Koresky, managing editor and staff writer of the Criterion Collection, offers a review of Varda's film. "Life's a Beach: Agnès Varda Tells Her Cinematic Tale"
Sara Scheiron interviews Varda about her life's work and collaborative filmmaking style, including her decisions to allow colleagues to critique her films while she is editing.

Interview: "Agnès Varda"
In March 2009, filmmaker Liza Béar interviews Varda at the French Embassy in New York about Varda's recent work as an installation artist, the definition of "gleaning," and how she persuaded Alain Resnais to edit her first film, La Pointe-Courte, for free.

The Believer: "Agnès Varda"
Varda's responses during a group interview at the Toronto Film Festival are compiled here. She talks about her hairstyle, her relationship with Jacques Demy, her definition of family and whether feminism has fallen out of fashion.

Frieze Foundation: "A Talk: Agnès Varda."
Frieze Magazine presents the audio of a talk given by Agnès Varda at the 2009 Frieze Art Fair. Also available as a downloadable MP3 file.


Indiewire: Celebrity, Filmmaker, Grandmother: Agnès Varda
Upon the release of her film One Hundred and One Nights in the United States in 1999, Varda discussed her role within the French New Wave and her thoughts on more recent French and Hollywood cinema.

Indiewire: Decade: Agnès Varda on "The Gleaners and I"
In this interview from 2001, Varda talks about her documentary The Gleaners and I, and how intuition plays a role in creating hand-crafted films that engage audiences.

At the Movies: Agnès Varda Interview
In this video interview recorded on the beach at Venice during the 2009 festival, Varda talks about what beaches mean to her. She also discusses her family, including her relationship with Jacques Demy.

The Hollywood Interview
Alex Simon interviews Varda about her creative process for The Beaches of Agnès and inquires about any difficulties she may have had whiledealing with such personal material.

A.V. Club: Agnès Varda
Noel Murray talks to Varda about her filmmaking process and her memories of the glory days of the New Wave.

Cine-Fils Interview Magazine: "Agnès Varda on Poetry"
In this video interview, Varda talks about poetry and how it has influenced her filmmaking process.


NPR Fresh Air: "'Beaches Of Agnès' Fetes An Aging Queen Of Tides"
John Powers reviews Agnès Varda's The Beaches of Agnès.