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Andrzej Fidyk

Belarusian Waltz: Andrzej Fidyk

Andrzej Fidyk has directed more than 40 documentaries for Polish and British television and has received numerous awards for his work. Many regard Fidyk as Poland's finest documentary director. His credits include Battu's Bioscope (aka Mobile Cinema of Dreams, 1998) and The Parade (1989). Fidyk was originally educated as an economist, majoring in international trade from the University of Warsaw. He lives in Warsaw, Poland.

Torstein Grude

Torstein Grude is a painter, director, cinematographer and producer and one of the initiators of the independent production company Piraya Film AS. He received a degree in media theory and film history from the University of Bergen in 1994, then enrolled at the London International Film School, where he finished his last year of training in 1997. Grude's credits include the features Yodok, On a Tightrope and Welcome Home, as well as Tin Soldiers, Instant Happiness, Heaven Inside us, The Con Kid and Satan Rides the Media. His films have been screened at more than 100 festivals and have received many awards. He lives in Stavanger, Norway.

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I turned on the PBS channel and was so happy to hear Belarusian language and see the scenery of my homeland! By the end of the show I felt disappointed and angry. I feel a bit embarrassed that the world will see this odd person and think all Belarusians are like that.”

— Olia Melnikava, viewer

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