Links & Books


Filmmaker's Website
You can order the DVD from this official website for the film, watch the trailer, read reviews and get information about human rights in Belarus.

Alexander Pushkin's Website
Check out more works by Belarusian Waltz protagonist Alexander Pushkin, including his paintings, pictures and performances, along with updates and a bio of the artist.

Committee to Protect Journalists(CPJ): Film 'waltzes' inside a censored Belarus
The CPJ reports that Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed a new media law allowing authorities to further restrict press freedom by controlling what is published on the Internet. CPJ points out that both artists like Pushkin and journalists are censored in the country.


U.S. State Department: The Republic of Belarus
The us State Department's website on Belarus offers statistics, maps, historical highlights and political conditions and provides general information about Belarus's geography, people and culture.

Belarusian Embassy
The Belarusian embassy's website offers news updates that cover a range of topics, from the economy to social sciences and more.

Virtual Guide to Belarus
An online home for the Belarusian diaspora, this nonpolitical, bilingual guide to Belarus contains information on Belarusian culture and history.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Post-Soviet Belarus: A Timeline
Belarus remains a country under a repressive dictatorship. Find out more about recent Belarusian history in this post-Soviet timeline, spanning from 1988 to 2006.

Human Rights in Belarus


BBC News: Belarus Goes to the Polls
View a slideshow with photos of Belarusians going to the polls for the contested 2006 election, which caused massive protests.

Human Rights Watch: Belarus
Human Rights Watch, which documents human rights abuses around the world, offers a compilation of Belarus's human rights abuses and archival press releases on past campaigns.

Committee to Protect Journalists: Belarus
Stay up to date on the freedom of the press in Belarus by checking this link for updated news about what's happening to journalists there.

The New York Times: A Dictator's 'Re-election'
Since the events of Belarusian Waltz, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has been reelected with a landslide victory that many find suspicious. This New York Times editorial explains why. (March 22, 2006)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Belarus: Presidential Candidate Says Opposition Has Little Chance
Alexander Pushkin is speaking out for Belarus, but he's not the only one. In this interview, Radio Free Europe interviews Alyaksandr Voytovich, a Belarusian member of parliament and 2006 presidential candidate, about his hopes for the future of Belarus. (January 6, 2006)

The English language blog of Viasna, an internationally recognized Belarusian human rights organization, is regularly updated with political news and commentary on what's happening in Belarus today.


The Last Soviet Republic: Alexander Lukashenko's Belarus by Stewart Parker
Lukashenko has been called the "last dictator in Europe." This book explores the reality of Belarusian social policy and human rights, while making note of the level of external interference in the democratic process in Belarus. (2007)

History of the Present Edited by Timothy Garton Ash
Chronicles the happenings in Eastern Europe during the 1990s through a collection of essays, sketches, and
dispatches written as history was being made. (2000)

Participation: (Documents of Contemporary Art) Edited by Claire Bishop
With essays by Umberto Eco, Bertolt Brecht, Roland Barthes and others, this book places participatory art in both a historical and theoretical context, while exploring how it encourages and produces new social relationships. (2006)

Belarus and Moldova: Country Studies by Helen Fedor
This volume from the Library of Congress analyzes the political, social, economic institutions of Belarus and Moldova. (2006)

Find more recommended books for adults and young adults, and films related to Belarusian Waltz in the downloadable Delve Deeper guide.



Frontline: Election 2004 - Belarus
In this PBS story from 2004, photojournalist student and Frontline correspondent Keli Dailey travels to Minsk to work with opposition journalists in the run-up to the 2006 Belarusian election. (September 28, 2004)


Weekend Edition: Belarus's Arts Underground Chips Away at Regime
Musicians, actors and artists from Belarus are being forced underground due to the increasingly authoritarian regime of President Alexander Lukashenko. (June 4, 2006)

All Things Considered: Belarus to See Large Protests Over Vote
Since the completion of Belarusian Waltz (filmed in 2002), political challenges to the Lukashenko regime have become more frequent. NPR covers the suppression of mass protests against the government in Minsk. (April 25, 2006)