Documentaries with a point of view


Directed by
Katie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la Vega

Produced by
Katie Galloway
Kelly Duane de la Vega
Mike Nicholson

David Layton

Executive Producers
Julie Goldman
John Battsek
Nicole Stott
Chana Ben-Dov

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Director of Photography
David Layton

Greg O’Toole

Written by
Katie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la Vega

Associate Producer
Josh Turiel

Original Score Performed and Produced by
Paul Brill
Recorded at Casa de Rico y Luca Studio
Brooklyn, NY

Graphics/Title Design
Mike Nicholson

Consulting Editor
Carrie Lozano

Story Consultant
Mark Monroe

Lead Minneapolis Cinematographer
Brian Lundy

Additional Cinematography
Deborah Eve Lewis
Jeff Saunders
Zach Stauffer
Ryan Thompson
Mike Nicholson
Steve Van Osdale
Gianni “FluxRostrum” Lapis
Ben Garvin (St. Paul Pioneer Press)
Sarah V. Burns

Additional Footage Provided by
Vlad Teichberg (Glass Bead Collective)
Olivia K (Glass Bead Collective)
Andrew K (Glass Bead Collective)
Gus Gunley (Twin Cities Indymedia)
Michelle Gross (Communities United Against Police Brutality)
Elizabeth Press
Dawn Zuppelli (Rochester Indymedia)
Dan Feidt
Andrew French
Mordecai Specktor

Additional Editors
Mike Nicholson
Stephanie Challberg
Ben Flanigan

Additional Graphics
Allison Moore

On-line Editors
Mike Nicholson
Greg O’Toole

Assistant Editor
Josh Turiel
Ben Flanigan

Sound Design
Leroy Clark
Shane Watson

Gary Coates

Production Assistant
Sophia Elson

Post Production Assistants
Rebecca Klier
Jamie Block
Hannah Lamb-Vines

Andrew Bergman

Kakii Keenan

Audio Post Production Facility
Sirius Sound

Graphics Facility

Online Facility
Video Arts

Associate Producer for Picturebox
J. Kevin Smith

Outreach Coordinator
Jen Hunt

Adam J. Segal, The 2050 Group

Archival Footage Courtesy of
Mindpirates e.V.
Glass Bead Collective
Associated Press
KSTP-TV & The CONUS Archive
Ben Garvin & The St. Paul Pioneer Press
St. Paul Police Department
Common Ground Relief
Thought Equity Motion
Rev. Willie Williams & D.A.P. Ministries

Additional Music
“Row Hard Labor”
Written and Performed by Brandon Quincy Griffin (BMI)

“A Circular Reeducation”
Performed by Tycho
Written, Recorded & Produced by S. Hansen
Mastered by Eric Broyhill
At Monsterlab Studio
Published by The Ghostly
International Company

“Am I Free”
Performed by Wax Taylor
Written and Produced by
Jean-Christophe Le Saout
© 2006 Lab’Oratoire

“New Light Of Tomorrow” (Bonobo Remix)
Written and Performed by Husky Rescue
Recording: © Catskills Records Limited

“New Light Of Tomorrow” (Reprise)
Composer/Writer: Marko Nyberg
Published by: Catskills Music
Publishing Limited

“Naked As We Came”
Written and Performed by Iron & Wine
from Our Endless Numbered Days
© 2004 Sub Pop

Voice Actors
John Maringouin – Brandon Darby’s letters to the FBI
J. Kevin Smith – Jeffrey Paulsen’s trial testimony
Zach Stauffer – Jeff DeGree’s trial testimony

Reenactment Actors
(Meeting at Ventana del Sol, Van Ride to Minneapolis, Making Molotov cocktails, Police raid)

Charles Schreiber
Shelby Schreiber
John Merriman
Kerri Lendo
Albert Im
Carter Space
Todd Phelan
Kaki Keenan
J. Kevin Smith
Mike Nicholson
David Layton

Still Photography
David McKay
Ann Harkness
Emily Coleman
Jana Birchum
Robert Stewart
Paul Minjares
Paige Pickard
Paul Pickard
TaSin Sabir
Lauren Poole
Chris Steller
Tracey Hayes
Alexis Baden-Mayer

Special Thanks
David McKay
Michel McKay
The McKay Family
Emily Coleman
Dana McKay
Jeffery Paulsen
Andrew Mohring
Christopher Langert
James Wedick
Larra Elliott
James Clark
Scott Crow
Tracey Hayes
Susan T. McKee
Leticia Silva
Officer Jeff Jacobsson
St. Paul Police Department
Twin Cities Indymedia
Andrew French
Michael King
The Austin Chronicle
Brad Crowder
Twila Crowder
The Crowder Family
Charyl Coleman
Jeff DeGree
E.K. Wilson
Timothy Gossfeld
Esteban Tovar
Arwen Hicks
Carter Space
Lisa Fithian
Tanner Port
Diana Welch
James Walsh
Marlena Telvick
Sharon Tiller
Lowell Bergman
Susan Hunter
Sarah V. Burns
Spider House Café
Ventana del Soul
Monkey Wrench Books
Frank Kimball
Andrew Neef
Evan Vucci
John Brewer
Pioneer Press
Mark Knudsen
Robin Allen
Josh Welsh
Sasha Porter
Radhi Taylor
David Weissman
GEAR Rentals
Sherry Mills
REEL Women
Jason Sugowa
Clutch Creative
David Crumley
Dawn Johnson
Larry & Rebie Nicholson
Melissa, Iris & Sam Nicholson
Mario, L & P de la Vega
L & P de la Vega
Katharine & Richard Duane
Michael May
Heidi Ewing
Rachel Grady
Murray’s Restaurant
Chris & Jasmine Blankenship
Dianna Colton
Karly Dixon
David Hanners
G. W. Schulz
Cara Mertes
Kira Bolin
Chris Ohlson
Travis Benn
Brian Rodgers
Kevin Triplett
Mopac Media
Margie Becker
Darren Nicholson
Charlotte Buchen
Elliot & Judy Turiel
Ben Galloway, Nancy Galloway
& Andy Morse
Eitan, Elias, Leo, Zev & Avi Spanier

In memory of Russell Galloway (1940 – 1992)

Funding Provided by
IRP – The Center for Investigative Reporting
HBO/Film Independent Funding Grant
The Nathan Cummings Foundation
Rick Cummings
The Berkeley Film Foundation

This film was supported by a grant from the Sundance Documentary Film Program

Produced in association with American Documentary | POV

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