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Production Credits

Jean-Marc Bouzou
Floriant Bouchet
Emme Fernandez

Post Production Director
Arnaud Gallinière

Sound Recording
Yolande Decarsin
Laurent Gablot
Claire-Anne Largeron

Cathle Dambel
Jérôme Pey

Sound Editors
Sebastien Savine
François Mereu

Original Score François-Eudes Chanfrault

Kayoko Yakote
Sylvestre Vergez
Amandine Sigrist
Leonore Darnaud
Samuel Crowther

Music Recording
Sebastien Savine

Sound Mixing
Gildas Mercier

Olivier Meyrou

Executive Producer for Hold Up Films
Bénédicte Couvreur

Katharina Marx
Christophe Girard

Hold Up Films
Monique Meyou
Camille Bodes

Production Administrators
Rémi Roy
Xavier Barbereau

Miss Luna Films
Head of Production
Richard Heyraud

Production Administrators
Marie Agnès Brossaud
Sophie Toueau Lours
Jean-Pierre Billard

Special Thanks to
Jean François Lepetit
Jean François Boyer
Elvira Albert
Rémi Sauvaget
Anne Flamand
Jérôme Zecchini

With the Participation of FRANCE 5
Documentary Division

Muriel Rose
Carlos Pinsky
Philippe Le More

With the Participation of FRANCE 2
Documentary Programming Division

Yves Jeanneau

Production Studio
Clotilde Besion

Press Manager
Audrey Dauman

Supported by
Centre National de la Cinematographie

And with the Participation of
Proclrep & l’Angoa-Agicoa and Sacem

Copyright Miss Luna Films Hold Up Films 2005

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This family was so extraordinary in their way of dealing with their grieving process that I felt I had to refocus the project and describe their long road toward recovering from their loss.”

— Olivier Meyrou, Filmmaker

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