Documentary Filmmaker Panel: Bringing War Home

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The Starz Denver Film Festival is taking place this week and I just listened to a great podcast of a panel held yesterday about the role of documentary filmmakers in covering the war in Iraq. The festival is featuring several new non-fiction films about Iraq including Alex Gibney‘s Taxi to the Dark Side, Gary Weimberg and Catherine Ryan‘s Soldiers of Conscience, and Nina Davenport‘s Operation Filmmaker.

Former Rocky Mountain News film critic Robert Denerstein moderated a wide-ranging discussion about the war, the films being made about it, and whether doc filmmakers are filling a gap in news coverage about the war that Americans are seeing on TV. The panel included filmmakers Weimberg, Ryan, and Davenport, as well as Iraq War veteran Spc. Russell Peterson and Iraq native, retired pychatrist, and Middle East consultant Dr. David Kazzaz.

Listen to the podcast online or download it.

  • micha

    Tom Roston should call his list top 10 American documentaries, as he ignores all the wonderful non-fiction films made in other countries. Having had the pleasure of serving on a number of film festival juries this past year, I tip my hat to the following: Planet of Snail (South Korea), The Job (France), Noise (Israel), Tonia and Her Children (Poland), The Gatekeepers (Israel), Paradise: Love (Austria), Drought (Mexico), Lagos – Notes of a City (Germany), Mathew’s Laws (Netherland), The Punk Syndrom (Finland), Sea of Butterfly (South Korea), With or Without Me (Vietnam/France). I wish I could take the time to name the directors of these excellent films.