‘Wrestling with Angels’ Review Roundup

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Tony KushnerThe early reviews for tonight’s broadcast of Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner are in. The Hollywood Reporter calls the film a “spellbinding look at Kushner as it catches him at work, with his family and out at the podium speaking about political problems he sees in this country.” The Denver Post‘s Joanne Ostrow notes, “Who says there’s nothing culturally significant on the small screen these days? …[This] well-crafted film about the creative process brings into focus the enormous intellect and heart of one of the major playwrights of our time.” The Houston Chronicle says the film is “as engrossing as one of Kushner’s plays.” The New York Post‘s David Hinckley remarks “[t]his POV paints Kushner as an admirable voice calling for radical change in the way the human race does business. But it also captures a charming, relaxed fellow…” And Robert Trussell writes in the Kansas City Star that “[a]t a time when most American playwrights are given scant attention by the media or the public, Kushner stands out.”

Tune in tonight to Wrestling with Angels on your local PBS station. (Check local listings.)

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  • Jan

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    I was deeply moved tonight as I watched POV’s program about Tony Kushner. What a deeply sensitive and motivated man he is…. How blessed are his partner, friends and family. Thank you for this program.

  • Nury

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    I am 78 but have fallen in love with him and will not miss any of his plays in the future. He is supremely attractive, intelligent and involved. Thank you for notifying me of this film. It was wonderful.

  • Mike

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    Unfortunately, we here in Sacramento CA, could not view the program. Our local station KVIE ran, in place of the Tony Kusher piece, the program “Chanukah Celebration” with Fran Drescher.
    I phoned KVIE to register my objection to the schedule change.
    In a later e-mail to me, on Thu, 13 Dec 2007 16:50:26 -0800, Mr.James Gaynor, Director of Membership, KVIE was kind enough to explain the following to me: “What appears on KVIE air is determined by our programming management within our mission and means with the goal of appealing to the greatest number of viewers in our community. To that end KVIE is one of the most watched public television stations in the country. I did check the ratings for a group of stations that decided to air “Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner” and frankly it did as poorly as we expected it would. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good or meaningful program.”
    So, I unfortunately didn’t get to see the program.

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