Arctic Son Update: Art by Stanley Njootli Jr.

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Last August, POV aired Andrew Walton‘s Arctic Son, set in the remote village of Old Crow in the Canadian Yukon. In the film, we watch as a father and his son are reunited after almost 25 years apart. Stan Jr. turns to art to express his emotions and to share his view of the world around him. (Check out a video clip of Stan Jr. as he talks to Walton about his work, and the relationship between art and commerce.)

Many viewers commented on Stan’s art after the film aired, so we thought it would be fun to show some of his recent work.

Art by Stan, Jr.

View a slideshow of Stan, Jr.’s recent drawings. All images © Stanley Grafton Njootli, Jr.

More images of Stan’s art will be available on the retail DVD of Arctic Son, which will be available through Docurama this summer. A preview DVD is available for sale here.

Today, Stan Jr. lives full-time in Old Crow and works as a computer support tech at the Vuntut Gwitchin Government Building. He continues to draw and paint with the hope of bringing his artwork to a larger audience. In March, he will be teaching a two-week art course in Old Crow through Alice Frost Community College. For those interested in contacting Stan Jr. about his artwork, he can be reached at njootli79[at]

Catherine Jhee
Catherine Jhee
Catherine Jhee was formerly a producer with POV Interactive.
  • stanley G. njootli

    FOREIGNID: 15392
    It’s raining on the sun. Thanks for putting my art on here.

  • Dana

    FOREIGNID: 15393
    These are beautiful! Do the pieces in the slideshow have titles?

  • Sonny

    FOREIGNID: 15394
    Hi Stan!
    I was moved by your story in Artic Son and impressed by your art. As an Apache I could relate to the issues you dealt with. I also agree with you on why you don’t do Native Art i.e. recycled tacky images of dream catchers and pocohantas riding her my little pony. I have worked in a gallery before and seen lots of commodified images of Native Americans. Congratulations on your teaching post! Have you considered creating your website for your art? I’ll send a e-mail. Take Care

  • stanley G. njootli

    FOREIGNID: 15395
    ThanX for the comments. And they do have tittles.. I was thinking about a a website for my art. Havent got that far yet.

  • amanda

    FOREIGNID: 15396
    Hi Stan,
    I was also moved by the film, arctic son and could relate to a lot to your experiences. I actually thought I saw you in New York one day after I had watched the film. Your work was very interesting to me in the film and its great to see more of it. These pieces you posted very much so speak from the heart and give me new insight to how you view the world. I especially love the first and last ones. I agree with everyone above a website would be great. Have you thought about murals or even tattoos as a forum for your works? Keep us updated on the happenings.

  • Jessica

    FOREIGNID: 15397
    Do you feel your art has changed at all from the time you were living in the states? As in, do you think living in Old Crow has affected your art/style/audience/themes? If yes, how so?

  • stanley G. njootli

    FOREIGNID: 15398
    I was just wondering what is going in different places, Is there a sense of change in the air.