What Documentary Would You Recommend to the Next President?

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Over on the Moyers Blog this week, there is a lively debate about what one book the next occupant of the White House should bring along when he or she moves in next January. The post generated over 2,400 suggestions — and it is worth a look. The recommendations make up an eclectic list of books by authors as wide-ranging as Aristotle, Howard Zinn and Dr. Seuss, to name just a few.

At any rate, it got me thinking (and apparently also Rex Reed, although I’m not sure he was also inspired by the Moyers Blog): There’s a screening room in the White House. What documentary do you think the next President should bring to the White House?

Reply with your recommendation below.

  • Theresa

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    I’ll get things started by saying it’s really hard to choose just one! Perhaps An Inconvenient Truth? I have a feeling that has not been screened at the White House yet. Though I may be wrong.

  • http://www.creativedc.org Amanda

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    Sicko, to get their attention urgently focused on healthcare – then I’d have them read a primer that distills the credible facts from Moore’s characteristically caricatured treatment of the issue

  • http://chutry.wordherders.net/wp/ Chuck

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    An Inconvenient Truth and Sicko are pretty clear-cut choices. I’d actually suggest that the candidates watch (or re-watch) Our Brand is Crisis now. The film’s depiction of the consulting work done by Carville and others in the Bolivian elections are managed is a pretty powerful indictment of a number of current campaign practices.

  • Simon

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    I’d recommend regular screenings at The White House cinema. Let’s start with Alex Gibney’s “Taxi to the Dark Side”, then “Eyes on the Prize” followed by “Of Civil Wrongs and Rights” by Eric Paul Fournier.

  • http://agnesvarnnum.com Agnes

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    I agree with Simon, regular screenings would be great! I bet Obama (who I’m assuming will be in office ;) has seen SICKO and AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH – they are “easy.” How about THE CORPORATION?