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Bill Moyers Journal previewed POV’s Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North last Friday on most PBS stations. Moyers examines racial inequality in America through the prisms of the legacy of slavery and the current socio-economic landscape, and interviews Douglas Blackmon of the Wall Street Journal, historical and cultural sociologist Orlando Patterson and economist Glenn C. Loury.
You can watch streaming video of the entire show on their website.
And don’t forget to set your TiVo or to stay home and watch Traces of the Trade,” which premieres on PBS tonight at 10 PM (check local listings).

Watch a preview, listen to our extended podcast interview with filmmaker Katrina Browne, learn about the debate surrounding reparations for slavery, and much, much more at:

  • terry d’bear

    FOREIGNID: 15940
    4 Points: 1) The Dewolfs were smugglers. Do I have responsibility for the drug addicts created by the illegal aliens that smuggled dope into country? Clearly, the illegal aliens are responsible for the ill effects of selling dope, so the dewolfs should be sued for the ill gotten gains their ancestors received. 2) Africa enslaved 2M Europeans many of these nations are presently OPEC members happily price gouging the world. Should not the Chiefs of Ghana (an oil producing nation) and Algeria be required to kick into the reparations fund to pay the African Americans and Europeans effected by the slave trade? 3)Slavery existed in Africa before the Europeans arrived (hello who built the pyramids)
    and still exists today. Where are the African Americans demanding reparations
    when it comes to stopping slavery in Sudan today? 4) The living standards of
    even the lowest African American USA citizen is at least 40x the that of the
    highest African living standard.

  • rstone

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    yall complain whenever the savage treatment of blacks in america is brought up. blacks have been disenfranchised, terrorized, used for medical experiment and raped and murdered by the hands of the majority class. so just 4get slavery and how the southerners tried to re-institute the institution! how we were lynched and in tulsa (black wall street!) we were bombed and attacked by our OWN gov’t. but let us not complain.

  • http://sites.google.com/site/mariemcmarrow marie mcmarrow

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    Katrina Browne’s documentary came across as a sensitive and honest exploration of finding a solution to an event that can never be forgotten.However I was concerned that this also was one family’s project. One small group trying to shed an implied acceptance for the atrocity of 400 years slavery.Dewolf’s deals are written in history.They cannot erase that just as his blood flows in them.What I liked was the advocacy that resulted in action by the Episcopal church. Education is key for both whites and blacks. When we can say education for Americans rather than whites and blacks we would have done the job. One thing to do is to refund college expenses to blacks who achieve a college education. Dewolf was a businessman , I think he would be proud of Katina.

  • Fleepe23

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