In Theaters Now: “Food, Inc.”

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Food, Inc Do you know how the food you’re eating got to your table? Food, Inc., a new film by Robert Kenner, aims to remove the veil of mystery that has shrouded our nation’s food supply and illuminate exactly how corporations are putting profit ahead of our health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of farm workers and the environment.

The film features interviews with experts such as Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation and Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma as well as social entrepreneurs like Stonyfield Farm’s Gary Hirshberg and Polyface Farms’ Joe Salatin.

Food, Inc. opened in select theaters in New York and California this weekend, and will be coming soon to a theater near you.

Update: Food, Inc. will be featured in 2010 on POV! Stay tuned for details.

Catherine Jhee
Catherine Jhee
Catherine Jhee was formerly a producer with POV Interactive.
  • Brendan Bombaci

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    This is excellent! I am so happy that another Future of Food-style film is out to help the public, and that it’s hitting some big theaters in major cities everywhere. Every single person needs to know where their food comes from, how it’s “treated,” the freak nature and disease-promoting aspects of genetic modification, and the troubles with fluoride pesticides that pervade all “regular” food in markets. I have been working to get the fluoride out of our water in Durango, Colorado because fluoridation practices are outdated and remarkably malignant in light of scientific evidence regarding the toxicity involved. Most folks think you can just wash off the pesticides… but don’t know that the plants grow by pulling them into their cells through poisoned PWSs (public water supplies). This movie will be a great wake-up call. Rock on!
    Light and Truth,
    Brendan Bombaci
    (prior posts are an effect of my browser spazzing out — I apologize)

  • Anil Sethi

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    I got the mail from a newsletter I subscribe to. It was fwded by:
    Victoria Chinnell
    Admitting Facilitator/ER Clinic Coordinator
    Seattle Children’s
    206-987-3178 office
    206-987-5018 fax
    OFFICE 4800 Sand Point Ave NE Seattle WA 98105
    MAIL M/S W4871
    I shall always be indebted to her. The short trailer is revealing in itself. Shall make it a point to view the movie. Though may starve later :)

  • Pritam Singh

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    Can I obtain a copy of this documentary ” Food Inc”? I so, how and where from? Thanks.

  • Theresa Riley

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    Food, Inc. will appear as a POV Special Presentation in 2010, but in the meantime, its playing at a number of movie theaters across the country. You can search for tickets here: Find out more about Food, Inc. and their national campaign at the official Food, Inc. website.
    Thanks for your interest in this important film!
    Theresa @ POV

  • Lisa Rodriguez

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    I’m an older person suck in the crossroads of TV, cable – which I do not subscribe to, and ‘free’ on line web-streming/or ‘movie watching’. It’s my understanding that the documentary “Food Inc” will be availabe to watch in its entierty by way of free video streaming on starting 04/22/10. If so, how can I find out what times, and how to access/or use this web feature on Looking forward to your responce.

  • Catherine

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    Food, Inc. will be available online for one week, beginning this Thursday, 4/22 at If you have access to a high-speed Internet connection, you should be able to watch the program on your computer.