Watch “New Muslim Cool” and “Beyond Hatred” Online

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New Muslim CoolIf you missed the first two POV films of this season, Jennifer Maytorena Taylor‘s New Muslim Cool and Olivier Meyrou‘s Beyond Hatred, we have some good news: both films are available online!

New Muslim Cool will be streaming until July 24, 2009.
Beyond Hatred will be streaming until July 16, 2009.

Check back throughout the summer to find out watching more POV films online.

Ruiyan Xu
Ruiyan Xu
Former POVer Ruiyan Xu worked on developing and producing materials for POV's website. Before coming to POV, she worked in the Interactive and Broadband department at Channel Thirteen/WNET. Ruiyan was born in Shanghai and graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Modern Culture and Media.
  • al mesiah

    FOREIGNID: 18735
    it was great job,at least you will giving an image net and clear about to the american people that american muslim are not terorrists and they are like them they like hiphop dance joke, american idol …and they love a good things for the others people weather muslim or christian or jewish or other religion and also they love their country USA from the bottom of heart and they are willing to give their life for it

  • 2001shahada

    FOREIGNID: 18757
    I loved this documentary. It was a great and honest glimpse into the lives of some American Muslims. I would have liked to see a little more diversity shown because many of the American converts came from many different backrounds. But this was a real look into ine specific community and Hamza and his family were a great family and as American as anyone else. May Allah bless them. I also really loved the Jewish lady that was Hamzas friend she reminded me of my own mom. So sweet and so goodhearted!
    This documentary was very well made!