“Critical Condition” to be Featured on “Bill Moyers Journal” Tonight

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Bill MoyersTonight’s Bill Moyers Journal will focus on the health care debate, featuring a substantial portion of POV’s Critical Condition, a documentary by Roger Weisberg, that was originally broadcast last October in the lead up to the 2008 presidential election. (Watch a preview.)

Critical Condition follows a group of ordinary hard-working Americans struggling to survive serious illnesses without health insurance. They discover that being uninsured can cost them their jobs, health, homes, savings and even their lives.

Watch the trailer.

Tune in tonight to see what Bill Moyers has to say about the health care reform debate in light of the stories of the people featured in Critical Condition. Log on to the Journal website to weigh in with your own experiences of American health care and share your thoughts on how you’d fix the system, or ask journalist and health care blogger Maggie Mahar questions about the national debate.

  • Geraldine

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    Mr. Moyers I wish tonight’s show could be aired again, with more advertising. I just happened to catch it tonight, but if more people in America could see the stories told on tonight’s show, they would understand what could happen to anyone of us !
    Thank You for this wonderful show !
    “Critical Condition”
    I just watched a PBS Special, Bill Moyers, presentation titled: “Critical Condition.” This show is an eye opening enlightenment on the Health Care Crisis in America. There will be a follow-up shown next Friday night at 9:00pm on 8/28/09. I really received an education on what many working people here in our country face, when an illness befalls them. Please tune this show in next Friday night, I believe it will help all of America to better understand, what many of us never dreamed of happening to any of one of us as hardworking, taxpaying Americans.
    Also take a look at the website: PBS.org for coverage on this evening’s presentation, I don’t think anyone will regret doing so !

  • Rancy Boyd-Snee

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    “Critical Condition” should be shown to all members of Congress. Surely, they care about their constituents back home. DO THE RIGHT THING, Congress!

  • Marlene

    FOREIGNID: 20094
    Great Show. Please Repeat. Statement was made that the doctors take an oath to “put the patient’s interest before their own”. – I have been dealing with Worker’s Comp. in the State of Missouri. Talk about interest, their only interest is getting the insurance companies off the hook. The total PITS! This would be a great item of interest for another program.

  • Patricia Dugan

    FOREIGNID: 20097
    Please repeat the name of the pharmacuetical lobbyist that now seems to be “in the tent” of the Obama admin? I need to write a letter to someone? Please advise..