POV Catches Up with “Made in L.A.” Filmmakers and Film Subjects

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Select PBS stations are re-airing POV’s 2007 Emmy-winning film, Made in L.A., this week. (Check your local listings for day and time.) Since it’s been over two years since we’ve heard about the film’s subjects — Lupe, Maura and Maria — we asked filmmakers Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar to send us news about the women, the film and the campaigns for humane immigration reform, low-wage workers and women’s empowerment that they and the film’s subjects are involved in.

Made in L.A.: Robert Bahar and Almudena Carracedo with their Emmy.They had a lot to report. Since Made in L.A. aired on POV, the film has picked up a number of awards, including a News and Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Coverage of a News Story – Long Form (pictured right). The filmmakers have traveled the country and the world with the film, which has been screened in festivals in Spain, Israel, Brazil and Korea, among others. And Made in L.A. has made it’s way all the way to Capitol Hill, with a screening for a select group of congresspeople involved in immigration reform and policy.

Get the full update at the Made in L.A. website.

  • David B. Kim

    FOREIGNID: 19877
    Watched “Made in LA” and I must say as a Korean immigrant but more importantly as a son of a sweatshop worker back in the 70s, I felt ashamed. If I had to nominate anyone to be an advocate for garment workers, my first choice would have been the owners of Forever 21.
    As I was watching the program, it was hearbreakingly ironic
    how an owner who experienced the very same discriminations back in the 70s can become blind 30 yrs later.
    And I am pretty qualified to make this comment if only because my family had our own retail clothing business in Downtown LA where Forever 21 stores began.

  • Charlene Preston

    FOREIGNID: 19883
    Wow, what a story these women had to tell. I am the daughter of an immigrant, I feel truly inspired by the women in “Made in L.A. Thanks for motivating me again. I want to take action on those issues most important to me once again.

  • Sarah Boone

    FOREIGNID: 19915
    Will Made in LA air again in the near future on the San Antonio PBS station? Many missed it and would like to see it.
    Thank you,
    Sarah Boone

  • Fred Bielen

    FOREIGNID: 19976
    I am confused. Made in LA really points out the mess created by the USA not enforcing the immigration laws. First no worker illegal or otherwise should be exploited in the US. But my confusion comes from the illegal aliens openly flaunting the fact that they are “undocumented” some here for more than 10 years. It would appear that the folks in the documentary have made little attempt to become legal or even learn English. Yes the documentary showed some attempt towards the end but after 10 – 20 years. They are in fact exploiting this great county of ours. The impact on the schools, crime, and health system from folks just wanting a better life is undeniable. We all are paying a hidden price for cheap clothing. This country has been made great by the assimilation of peoples from all parts of the world and laws that reflect a basic fairness. Certainly our culture and society will changed for ever from companies exploiting cheap labor and this country within a country.

  • Elizabeth

    FOREIGNID: 20324
    This is such a great story and speaks loudly on perseverance and determination no matter who you are or where your from!