Video Interview with Patti Smith from the PBS Press Tour

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POV spent some time in Los Angeles earlier this month at the Television Critics Association Press Tour promoting our December special, Patti Smith: Dream of Life. PBS did some interviews with filmmakers, producers and featured subjects of upcoming PBS shows and films. You can find a full line-up of interviews — including filmmakers Ken Burns, Ian Edgar and Steven Sebring — on the PBS TV Critics Press Tour playlist on YouTube.

Patti Smith: Dream of Life airs on POV on December 30, 2009, 9 p.m. ET on PBS. PBS and EpicFu’s Zadi Diaz also interviewed filmmaker Steven Sebring. You can view that interview on YouTube. Here’s the interview Diaz did with the subject of the film, legendary poet and rock musician, Patti Smith. She talks about how the project began after her husband, musician Fred Smith, died in 1994, what it was like to start performing again in the late 1990s and whether she thinks the documentary portrays her accurately.

  • Michele Meiche

    FOREIGNID: 20313
    Loved this video interview of Patti Smith.
    She is an inspiration… Love the honesty… the ease of knowing oneself
    great when she says “seems like me to me”

  • Theresa Riley

    FOREIGNID: 20520
    Dear Michelle,
    Thanks for your comment. If you are interested in signing up for a reminder email so that you don’t miss the broadcast of Patti Smith: Dream of Life on December 30, 2009, you can do that on POV’s TV Schedule page.

  • Deb B

    FOREIGNID: 22296
    Thank you for sharing this interview with Patti. It is wonderful to have an extended one-on-one conversation that just a quick soundbite. She is an amazing poet, writer, artist and I am so very excited to see the the documentary on PBS and perhaps reach new audiences.

  • Barry G

    FOREIGNID: 22525
    Does anyone know when the Patti Smith documentary will bew shown again? I cannot find this info.