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If you’re in Santa Monica, tune in to KCRW’s The Treatment to hear Elvis Mitchell interview The English Surgeon‘s Geoffrey Smith today, September 2, at 2:30 PM.

Geoffrey SmithGeoffrey discusses the making of the film about brain surgeon Henry Marsh, who performs pro bono work in a decrepit Ukrainian KGB hospital; the real-life drama that propelled the film’s theatrical nature; the dark sense of humor, hope and maverick attitude shared by Henry and his Ukrainian counterpart, Igor Kurilets; and how Nick Cave and Warren Ellis scored his film in three days.

If you aren’t in Santa Monica, the show will be archived on the KCRW site and available on the POV site within the next few days. Check back for more details!

The English Surgeon airs on POV next Tuesday, September 8.

Catherine Jhee
Catherine Jhee
Catherine Jhee was formerly a producer with POV Interactive.
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