Update: ‘Bronx Princess’ Party in Bronx is Tonight

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Due to rain, this past weekend’s Bronx Princess screening and party was postponed to tonight. Read all about the activities in the original post.

  • ce tomas

    FOREIGNID: 20760
    i watched this documentary tonight and was touched by the complexities and connections that was embodied within rocky’s family and life. I smiled throughout seeing the parallel between myself and daughter.
    It was a wonderful and insightful documentary. thanks for sharing!

  • Wolakota

    FOREIGNID: 20773
    What a wonderful breath of life experiences Rocky has been blessed. with. The textures of her life make an awsome tapesrtry, she is loved,respected and supported by a loving family I only wish this program could go around the schools as a program to teach personal responsibities, hope and motivation-oh wait a minute I’m a retired special ed teacher, maybe a could write a course around it!
    Loved it