A Busy Week for Patti Smith

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'Just Kids' book jacketPatti Smith‘s got a lot going on in the coming weeks and months: sold-out Bowery Ballroom concerts; “Objects of Life” show with Steven Sebring at the Robert Miller Gallery; new book, Just Kids (pictured, right); poetry reading with Sam Shepard at the 92nd Street Y and of course, POV’s Patti Smith: Dream of Life, which airs tomorrow on her birthday, Wednesday, December 30 at 9 PM (check local listings). You can hear Patti talking about her many projects with Senior Correspondent Jeffrey Brown on the PBS NewsHour Art Beat blog. Then on Wednesday, December 30, catch Steven and Patti on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” which should be fascinating. (Find a station and airtimes here: http://www.npr.org/templates/stations/schedule/index.php?prgId=5.)

Happy New Year, everyone, and happy birthday, Patti!

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Cathy Fisher
Cathy Fisher
As POV's senior manager for communications, Cathy publicizes POV's programs and initiatives to media and consumers. She joined POV in 2003 after five years as manager of program press relations at PBS. Previously, she served as public relations director at Bravo and the Independent Film Channel; Group W Satellite Communications, where she managed PR for TNN: The Nashville Network; Westwood One Radio Networks; and D.L. Blackman, where she promoted classical music artists and IMAX movies. She was also the manager of press, advertising and promotion for NBC and ABC Radio. Cathy's favorite documentaries are: 1. Inheritance - James Moll 2. Innocence Lost trilogy - Ofra Bikel 3. The Natural History of the Chicken - Mark Lewis 4. Street Fight - Marshall Curry 5. Suicide Killers - Pierre Rehov
  • http://bit.ly/OOLInvite Jessie Austrian

    FOREIGNID: 22309
    “Patti Smith and Steven Sebring: Objects of Life,” the corollary exhibition to Sebring’s film “Dream of Life,” opens January 6th at the Robert Miller Gallery in New York.
    For more info:
    http://bit.ly/OOLInvite (Facebook Invite)
    http://bit.ly/ObjectsofLife (Gallery website)
    http://bit.ly/SSfanpage (Steven Sebring Studio)

  • billerubin

    FOREIGNID: 22363
    patti smith the reason I will never voluntarily give my money to pbs,you will only steal it from my taxes
    Noone with any sense listens to you for your wacky politics,

  • Roy Conner

    FOREIGNID: 22383
    “Dream Of Life” was a great show. This is why I watch PBS. I have always been a Patti Smith fan. Both of her music and her writing. Thanks PBS and POV.

  • sandra

    FOREIGNID: 22398
    I watched the documentary for a long time and kept wondering what in the world it was it all about. I agree with billerubin. I don’t support PBS because of programs like this one. It is interesting that programs like Lawrence Welk are shown during the fundraising time.

  • chris

    FOREIGNID: 22426
    an absolute triumph in every way – thank you for sharing this incredible documentary and for bringing us the light and talent of these incredible american treasures: mr sebring and ms smith…

  • cynthia bency-witkin

    FOREIGNID: 22427
    Dear patti and steven, Collaboration is an art in itself and a special kind of giving. This memorial allows all to witness how a so so private woman and a good mother continues to be strong for family by creating art for and with those she trusts and loves.

  • nicole

    Thanks for this article, only problem is, I can’t seem to see the actual list in this article. Perhaps it was taken down because this article is a few years old? Would be great to see it, even if it’s an “old list”. Thanks!