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On December 30th, POV is thrilled to present Patti Smith: Dream of Life by Steven Sebring. The film, shot over 11 years, is a unique collaboration between the legendary rocker, poet and artist, and renowned fashion photographer Sebring. Following Smith’s personal reflections over a decade, the film explores her many art forms and the friends and poets who inspired her — William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Robert Mapplethorpe and Michael Stipe. She emerges as a crucial, contemporary link between the Beats, punks and today’s music.

Watch a preview of the film:

Or read an interview with Patti about how she became an artist, what happens when she performs on stage, her relationships to the dead and her artistic process.

Don’t forget to tune in on December 30th!

Ruiyan Xu
Ruiyan Xu
Former POVer Ruiyan Xu worked on developing and producing materials for POV's website. Before coming to POV, she worked in the Interactive and Broadband department at Channel Thirteen/WNET. Ruiyan was born in Shanghai and graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Modern Culture and Media.
  • Jan Conrad

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    Thank you, thank you, for airing “Dream of Life.”I have been a fan of of Patti Smith since the 1970′s and was blessed to have seen her perform in New Orleans at the House of Blues in 2004. No long gushing words are required-I am moved to an extreme of an altered consciousness after seeing the film. I now have the burden of handling what I have seen, like a burning lesion, and somehow incorporating it in my life, a a forced blessing, as well as a curse. I am affected in ways ranging from what direction my life should take as well as how I am needed treat my children and my husband for my sake as well as theirs. Thank you, but curse you, for placing this task before me. The film affected me in a way simular to my live experience with Patti, when she high-fived me from the stage, totally validating my experience there.